Whataare the symptoms of colon cancer?

I am a 59 yp male that has always been in perfect health. Suddenly i seem to be getting wart like things around my anus. Have not been to a doctor yet but planning to soon just curious


  • chasing_red_87

    "Bleeding – Blood in Stool:
    This is the most commonly experienced colon cancer symptom. As a tumor grows larger, the passage of feces can cause the tumor to bleed. it is common to see blood if the tumor is near the anus, but it is much more common for the blood to be hidden inside the stools.
    Weight Loss:
    An unexpected weight loss accompanied by other symptoms can indicate colon cancer. The pain and discomfort caused by a tumor can lead to loss of appetite, which in turn results in weight loss.
    Changes in Bowel Habits:
    If you are consistently constipated or have diarrhea, this must be evaluated by a physician. Changes in bowel habits also include gas and producing thinner stools. Thinner stools are usually the result of a tumor obstructing the passage of feces. This is one of the more common colon cancer symptoms.
    Abdominal Discomfort:
    Abdominal discomfort can mean many things – bloating, swelling, cramping and feeling full.
    Abdominal Pain:
    Swelling and pain of the abdomen are also symptoms of colon cancer. This usually occurs when the intestine is blocked by a tumor. If the tumor grows large, then nausea and vomiting can occur.
    Fatigue is a symptom of many cancers. It can also be a symptom of many other conditions that aren’t cancer related. Fatigue experienced with cancer can be mild or severe."

    For the record, the symptoms you have could indicate many different things, piles, herpes etc. due to your age i would suggest you see a doc as soon as possible as you are in the age range for bowel problems (not just cancer).

    anything unusual should be reported to your doc.

  • Joseph F

    Try some Preparation H, sounds like you have hemorrhoids. Are you constipated often? Eat more fiber & get more exercise…

    Colon cancer usually has no "symptoms" other than occult blood (which you either won’t see, or you will see as "blackening" of the poop…)…

    At 59, it’s a good idea to start getting periodic colonoscopies to check for cancer, since colon cancer is very, very curable if found before it has spread.

    The prep is far worse than the procedure!

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