natural healing?

right now im at community college and im planing on transfrering to a california state university majoring in nutrion and health science. but iv been really intrested in nautrall healing schools and getting inot naturopathic but im not sure what to do or if major is apporiate. i would really like to get more information and advice on naturopathic madice and natural healing and how to become certified and all that.


  • Goldista

    Try the following link –

    This establishment is one of the best academic centers for advancing knowledge in the natural health sciences. A twenty-nine-year pioneer in natural medicine.

  • evirustheslaye

    you would be able to help more people, more effectivly, with using proven conventional medicine as opposed to unproven "feel good" alternative medicine.

  • whitedove

    i have found most benaficial. and Good Luck hope this helps they have many course to take!

  • FlowerChild

    I would try going for nutritionalist. Being a doctor who specializes in the nutrition the body needs to function adequately is not only widely accepted as "real", but it is the cornerstone of natural healing. Also, try this website:
    Best of luck, and thank you for wanting to make a difference in the deteriorating condition of western medicine!

  • Marcus S

    Take a look at the website of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians at

  • keithw8007

    How about this …

    I do hope it helps?

    Take care …

    Sarah Woolley

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