Health care question?

It is no secret that our country has some economic problems: uncontrolled deficit spending, a huge national debt, a dwindling Social Security system – the list is seemingly endless at times. Currently, the “hot button” topic is our Health Care system, but this is not a new idea. What is new, however, is the recent heat placed under the issue by President Obama and his plan to “rejuvenate” the ailing state of our national health care status. Of course, this new pressure has caused political opinion to boil over, and both the proponents and opponents of the new health care reform movement have a great deal to say. But what are we supposed to believe? What is best for our country? How much do things cost? and What does this mean for the average citizens of the country?

There is just so much debate lately that I do not know what to believe..


  • National health care would be nice…if it had been started when our country started. England is successful in theirs because they implemented it so long ago. The problem with starting it now is that the only way to fund it is to pull the money from our (the taxpayers) pocket. The estimate is that it would cost each tax paying American $20,000 A YEAR! It would be nice, yes (I am one of so many uninsured Americans), but it just does not seem feasible.

  • Carter A

    We’ve had NHC in GB for decades and I think that were not up to private standards. I like the idea but it’s a bottomless pit financially and private care is likely to be more efficient. Good question.

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