Do you only have to worry about getting high cholesterol if you eat animals? In health this week, I learned that you get high cholesterol from eating animal fat. I don’t eat gelatin, or any meat whatsoever! (Including seafood!)


  • Vegan Kitty

    You only find the bad cholesterol in animal fat. So that’s meat, eggs and milk. If you’re a veggie eating a lot of the last two, then you can still have a cholesterol problem (although it’s less likely).

    If you’re vegan, then you can still have that problem if you are under a lot of stress, in which case your body can actually produce cholesterol. It’s rare though. You should be okay. Or at least in better health than most meat-eaters 😉

  • BulbaKatieSaur

    Animal products in general.

    If you are a vegetarian who consumes alot of eggs, milk, and cheese this can still be cause for high cholesterol. Mainly eggs, which is quite the carrier. Try not to over do it.

  • Celtic Tejas

    YES that is right. A Plant Based Diet has no Cholesterol.


    You can have a diet of no animal fat and still have high cholesterol. Heredity has a lot to do with your cholesterol levels.

  • sandstorms_brother

    Actually, cholesterol is dependent on a lot of factors, including heredity, exercise and diet. Your body is always making cholesterol, regardless of what you eat. It’s just that animal products have cholesterol of their own, so this adds on to whatever your body is producing.

  • Layla J

    i have learned from experts" that if you like meat, chicken and turkey are good its good foryou and your body needs it and as long as you eat a balanced snacks and meals low in sodium, natuarly , and exercise you will be ok. ditch the frosted flakes and eat kashi oat meal no choloestral at all and high in vitaman a, replace reg cooking oil with olive oil and garlic cloves to flavor and this is great for you. its the way you eat and the quanity. I dont eat pork red meat or seafood only turkey and chicken breasts and ive only eaten these particular meats since I was a kid im 30 now and my cholestrol is perfect (thank God)

  • VeggieTart

    While only animal foods have cholesterol, if you eat sat fats, you may have elevated cholesterol. High cholesterol runs in my family, so in spite of my vegan diet, I have elevated cholesterol.

  • mockingbird

    Your body produces its own cholesterol in response to consumption of saturated fat. So, cutting out meat is a good step (it’s full of sat fat and its own cholesterol, of course.) But, if you’re still eating dairy products and eggs and foods with hydrogenated oils, your saturated fat consumption could still be pretty high and your body could still produce more cholesterol than is healthy. Keep your eye on your fat intake and aim more for monounsaturated fats.

  • divinity2408

    I have to avoid eating cholestrol, sodium, and sat fat, so being a vegetarian has helped me a great deal.

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