bulimia and thyroid problem?

well ive been struggling with bulimia for almost 2 years and i think i might have thyroid problem to im going to the doctor this week im scared am i going to die im 16 years old please help thank u


  • Tiffany

    Please see a doctor to talk about both your bulimia and the thyroid condition. Sometimes the nutritional deficieincies caused by bulimia can fake your thyroid out and send it signals to lower your metabolism in order to survive the period of malnutrition/infrequent meals the body is going through.

    If you have a thyroid problem caused by something other than malnutrition, treatment will probably help you balance out your hormones and resolve some of the chemical depression that comes with thyroid problem. That might help you in your struggle against the eating disorder in turn. Please talk to a doctor right away.

  • bikerchick1578

    you need to go see the doctor and do what he says. i wish there was more that could be said, but no one on yahoo answers is gonna be able to help you with this one.

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