Why would a doctor make a teen girl get a thyroid ultrasound?? What thyroid conditions are there?

Why would a doctor make a teen get a thyroid ultrasound? What thyroid conditions are there?
The doctor believes that a 17 year old has a lump in her throat.
What could show up in an ultrasound?
What conditions result from thyroid problems?


  • The lump in the throat could be an enlarged thyroid gland. The ultrasound will see if that’s the case. If a thyroid gland is enlarged, then it’s probably not working right. It might be an autoimmune condition, where the immune system attacks the thyroid, so the thyroid has to work much harder to produce the correct amount of hormone. If that is the case, they you can take thyroid hormone orally, no problem.

    If one’s thyroid gland is not producing enough, then you’re hypothyroid, and likely will be tired, sluggish, gain weight, have weak nails, dry skin, limp hair.

    If one’s thyroid gland is producing too much, then you’re hyperthyroid, and likely will have heart palpitations and be nervous, and perhaps lose weight.

    Thyroid problems are very common, and very easy to fix.

  • dr.kwack

    The thyroid regulates hormones in the body, so anything wrong with it can cause a hormone imbalance, which can be quite unpleasant and mess up a great many things.

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