thyroid cancer?

I was diagnosed with pappillary thyroid cancer with a follicular varient in November 2006. They removed 1/2 of the thyroid for the biopsy then the remainder after they determined it was cancer. They then did I-131 my doctor is wanting me to become hyperthyroid. He want’s my TSH .003, They have increased my Synthroid steadily over the last few months. I am now on 150 mcg. I am now starting to gain weight and am extremely tired. I called my doctor today and he told me there isn’t anything he can do until I have been on the synthyroid for 4 weeks. He said this could be due to another condition, that I would need to contact my pcp for this. I think this has to do with my thyroid. Has anyone had this happen? I gained about 10lbs in the last 2 weeks.


  • no_frills

    I had my thyroid removed after papillary thyroid cancer that spread to a lymph node. My doctors want me slightly hyperthyroid, but with a TSH only around 0.1 – 0.3.

    They started me at 100 mcg of synthroid and I did not begin to feel good until my dose was at 200 mcg. I am not sure you are at your proper dose yet, until I was, my mind was cloudy and I was extremely tired. I didn’t gain weight, but I lost my appetite while I was under medicated. I lost 10 lbs once I was at the right level but I regained that later.

    I have never returned to 100%, but I am able to work, more tired than normal, and more on edge, but my mind is back.

    It may take a while before you get to your proper dose, but I am skeptical about how you will feel with a TSH that low.

  • LA..323

    No i havent had this, but maybe this will help you a bit.

    Good luck.

  • icried1231

    The tiredness sounds like it might have something to do with your thyroid. I had half my thyroid removed in 2004….and right after the surgery I got wicked hyperthyroid, and was always tired (couldnt sleep), never hungry, and lost 10 lbs in a week.

    Usually when your TSH is so low, you’re as close to hyper-thyroid as the docs think is safe…..and that doesn’t promote weight gain, it usually promotes weight loss. So that sounds like it might be something different. But when you go in to have your thyroid levels re-checked, I would ask for a full thyroid panel to be done, just to make sure. Keep notes on your symptoms too, that will give the dr. some clues and he might be able to point you in another direction on the weight gain. 🙂

    Good luck!!!

  • lela4u2nv

    Hate to burst your bubble but I had Papillary Thyca (metastisized) back in 1999. Had totaly thyroidectomy with neck dissection (lots of complications!)
    Did I-131 not once, not twice, but THREE times as thyroid tissue was still detected.
    I thought I used to be overweight at around 150#… I have gained and gained (almost 200#) since and can not lose it for anything!
    I take 175 mcg of Levoxyl which suits me fine according to my blood work. My energy level seems to be okay for the most part. I’m 46 and also a Breast Cancer survivor. My thryoid lump was discovered upon a routine breast cancer followup just as my hair was growing back from Chemo…Other than the weight, I feel great!

  • Aberlass

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