How would you feel if your mother/father was on a "colon health" commercial?

I watched this colon health commercial and the dude said something about his kid and it just got me realizing that these people talking about their "fulfilling bathroom visits" are fathers and mothers that have children that have to go to school and face people knowing their parent humiliated himself on national television.

Am I the only one who feels for the kids?


  • Saucy D

    I’ve just asked my 11 year old daughter how she would feel if it were me. Her answer? "Beats bowel cancer"

  • Spanky G2

    That would be hysterical. My mum is 80 and my dad is 84.

  • ~Whatsthat~

    the kids who would make something of it dont even understand what a colon is,because they are so young

  • Shredder (not of paper)

    I think they’re full of sh!t.

  • billthakat

    What’s so embarrassing about hearing your parents talk about defecation?

    Its not like they’re giving each other golden showers and making meals out of mocha stix on some odd Asian porno or something…

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