How to improve your colon health without doing a colon cleanse?

have been told colon maybe dirty. don’t wanna do the laxative or colon cleansing stuff. help please


  • Judy Kelly

    Cardinal is right. You must eat foods with large amounts of fiber and drink lots of water. Unfortunately for many getting enough of these kinds of foods is difficult. Our economy and the grocery stores have been flooded with processed foods that are often touted as healthy when they really are not. Fresh fruits and vegetables with a variety of colors are the best choice. The jury seems to be out on grains, but I agree that if you are going to eat them, they must be "whole" grains and preferably sprouted grains. The best method of hydration, which is necessary to flush the system, is water. Other drinks just do not have the same effect. Many recommend taking extra pro-biotics, enzymes, and fiber. Because of today’s food supply and the difficulty in getting enough in our food naturally, I agree with that recommendation.

  • cardinal23

    eat food high in fiber, like whole wheat bread, almonds, raw vegetables (or cooked vegetables if you hardly have any), lentils or any other beans/legumes. Also, stay hydrated by drinking healthy amounts of water.
    good luck!

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