Herbal remedies – good?

Anyone have tried herbal remedies like ginseng, kava root or ginkgo biloba? Is it good for your body? do you feel the change you expect to achieve? how about long term effect? anything you need to watch? ADVERTISERS DO NOT POST – YOU RUIN THE OBJECTIVITY NATURE OF THE DISCUSSION!!!


  • eph210lady

    Herbal remedies are VERY effective, but should not be used unless they are truly needed. Although many people assume that herbs are "safe" because they’re natural, that is wrong. They are powerful medicines that should be used with care.

    If you have specific health needs, you can either pick up a copy of "Nutritional Healing" by James Balch. It provides a good overview of natural remedies that can be used to treat a large number of medical conditions.

    I would highly recommend doing a lot of research before beginning to take any herbal remedy. Some herbs have drug interactions with prescription meds, and some can be hazardous when taken a dosage that is too hgh.

    Do you know anyone who knows a lot about herbs? See if you can take them out for coffee sometime and ask them about the different supplements you’re interested in taking and why you want to take them. If you check the Yellow Pages, you may be able to find Master Herbalists, Naturopathic Doctors, or Integrative MDs who will help you make wise decisions about supplements that will improve your health.

    I wish you the best of luck!!!

  • glamfab

    i know for fact that taking ginkgo biloba is very dangerous. i had friend who took that & her entire personality changed. she started actin real hyper, greedy & doin crazy things. those products are not good. later on life i think there will be dread effects.

  • DONT DO IT!!! its really bad for you. people may claim that because its "natural" that its safe, but you’ll see strange behaviors popping up and uncontrolable mood swings

  • I have tried Ginseng and I loved it, it kept me alert, I would take it during school and during exams. I prefer it to things like Red Bull.
    Ginkgo Biloba, I took it for awhile when I was depressed, I also enjoyed it, I took 5HTP at the same time and seemed to be in a much better mood.
    The only ‘energy’ supplement I take daily is Prosit, it is from Africa and contains a cousin of the Aloe Vera plant. It cleans your blood and colon, getting your organs talking to each other, this seems to keep my energy levels up.
    I am going to add a foot note about 5HTP, I enjoyed using it for a short period of time, but was warned not to use it for long periods.
    Good luck,

  • I used to take ginseng for many years and my tiredness was
    gone after 2 weeks treatment. But watch out that the local
    ginseng products are only imitation and not effective. The
    original ginseng extract is very effective. This is very
    expensive as the process to do this is long. I had to stop
    this for 2 years now due to the costs. Specially because y
    wife and me both were doing this. For a 3 months consumption
    you’ll have to pay approx $ 400 for 2 persons for 3 months
    period. You normally take a 2 months break and start once
    more this procedure.

    I for myself will now start taking this again.Please note I am
    not from ginseng industry(travel industry). So do not

  • javadic

    I’ve never tried kava root. I know a person with bipolar disorder who tried kava root a couple of times and got manic both times, so it might not be good to use with bipolar disorder. I like gingko for memory support. Ginseng kind of wakes me up without caffeine if I drink it in the morming.

  • john c

    I have used herbal remedies for about 15 years, and with very good results. I will never take a toxic pharmaceutical drug (prescriptions), specifically because toxic pharmaceutical synthetic drugs are the cause of over 200,000 deaths each year in the U.S.A. The so-called "side effects" are the effects of dangerous drugs upon your body. Search the Web for Andrew Weil,M.D., a brilliant intergrative physician, who will give you the most accurate, unbiased information re herbal renedies.

  • gordonslover

    research it here this is the site my brother used when going through med school


  • For general health, Lee recommends adding the spice to your cooking whenever possible. For a therapeutic dose, James A. Duke, PhD, author of The Green Pharmacy, suggests 400 mg of curcumin extract three times daily, right in line with what subjects in the colon polyp study took (480 mg of curcumin and 20 mg of quercetin, three times a day).http://homeremediesnow.net/page/2/

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