does anyone know a natural remedy or cure for hyper tension?


  • Magdalena K

    How I escaped from Hyper Tension in two months? !
    But because it came back next year I’ve made a plan for six months that put it in the end forever.. To basis of any bad situation of body there is a bad situation of soul. it is very clearly in hypertension, Three months after my husband passed away and crying each half hour and smoking 40 cigarettes a day, I found my systolic tension 220. And this happened in the midnight and I was alone. This figure is a catastrophic limit. Above this number is happening stroke. So in that very moment I have to do something drastically. The first thing without panic ,please. The second I run to open door if..Heaven forbid!..will happen something bad with me….
    Then I took a strong pill to urgently drop it {the first and unique pill in the last 10 years}. I began to deep and slowly breathe and imagined how my blood pressure lets down. After half hour my hypertension was 190.Early in the morning I woke up
    with a strong decision to rid of it. In the past 30 years I was never sick due to my belief and practice of alternative medicine. Now, I knew that I did it to myself, I have to heal myself. I threw cigarettes to 5-6 a day, I started a special diet , in a moment I’ll tell you why and how, and yoga All these for sure helped me in relatively short time to get a 130/70 blood pressure. But unfortunately, I made a mistake thinking to close my business and go to work for an impossible boss.And this made me angry , nervous, stressed without any satisfaction One single year in this situation and one day I felt dizziness and once again I controled my blood pressure and I saw in the morning it is ok. ,afternoon it is 180 or 170 or 190 and it depends of the degree of my stress in the same day, but not only. I neglected myself, I ate much carbohydrate, I felt all the time that someone else control my life and I make nothing to prevent it. What is very bad is I know what to do but I don’t Please, learn from my story to recognize the emotional facts as the cause to hypertension and try to evaporate it. try I told you ,or learn how to react to the daily stress. It is the core of this ill. Now I will unveil you the " secret" of natural remedy by diet .It means in any sickness our blood has an acidic pH and we need to neutralize it by eating foods which after absorbtion alkalize the cells and the blood. The list is very long you can goggle for it and choose what you like. I like watermelon ,now is the season and my blood pressure is constantly 120/65 already two years. I like carrots, broccoli,fish and fruits. The secret is until you heal yourself { less than a week} you need to eat 80% alkalizing foods and 20 % acidic foods. To mantain a perfect health you need to eat 60 % alkalizing foods and 40% acidic foods like meat.
    Wishing you a good health forever.

  • No Green Thumbs Here!

    sometimes you can improve your BP by cutting out sodium and losing weight, but if that doesnt help, medication may be necessary. some people just have hypertension even if they are slim and otherwise healthy.

  • abacaxitoo

    Three CHEAP or free and all-natural:

    Regular moderate exercise.
    Lose a bit of weight if you are overweight.
    Cut down on processed foods and salt added after cooking.

    No supplements (like that list someone added) can do as much for you as the basics I list.

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