Cholesterol in Eggs?

I eat an egg every few days; I know eggs are good but will too much have a negative impact on your cholesterol. One more thing, I like to eat them (or drink them) straight-up, or ‘raw’- does that make the difference in cholesterol.

Is the cholesterol in eggs the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ cholesterol, thanx for your help.

PS- please don’t make comments about the way I eat them (it’s extremely safe); if you gimme a good answer then I’ll give you a thumbs-up


  • thecat_didit

    Bad cholesterol is anything that comes from an animal. So.. eggs have bad cholesterol. But unless you have high cholesterol, eating them every few days… now matter how you choose to do it, lol… won’t hurt you. Even if you have high cholesterol… it wouldn’t be the best thing for you but if you really enjoyed eating them and didn’t want to give it up, you could change other habits to help out like switching to skim or 1% milk, changing the type of butter you eat and staying away from beef and shellfish.
    Happy eating… or drinking, lol!!! Hope this helped answer your question!! 🙂

  • kid303

    believe or not I eat about 12 eggs a day.

    I eat 6 egg whites(1 yolk) in the morning
    And at night I have another 6 egg whites (1 yolk)

    Too many yolks are bad cholestrol, the egg whites are healthy for you though

  • Nutritionist

    If any of my clients have been diagnosed with high cholesterol then I don’t recommend eating eggs.

    The liver makes cholesterol already so the body doesn’t need an outside source.

    Cholesterol comes from consuming animal foods and meats
    it’s not good or bad cholesterol it’s excess!

    Hope this helps

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