Can anyone recommend a good online health food shop in ENGLAND?

To buy teas, biodegradable stuff, health food (of course), alternative meds, oxypowder, parasite cleanse, that sort of thing"


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  •  Ανδαλουσία

    For unusual herbs and tinctures: G Baldwin & Co and they also have a mail order catalogie if you prefer to order through the post.

    For vitamins and minerals and the regular health supplements: Healthspan ..and they also run a mail order catalogue. I think though that Healthspan are located somewhere in the Channel Islands.

    I would use to locate such as parasite cleanse and oxypowder as I am not sure of a good shop in the UK for those.
    Make sure the site has a secure checkout of you are going to order online. Check their return policy and where they deliver to and delivery charges, etc.

    Hope that helps.

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