What is the best colon cleanser…?

My mother wants to buy me a colon cleanser because i use the bathroom ONLY when i take laxatives. And if i don’t i use it every 2 weeks.

Do you know what the best kind is?


  • Gary Y

    Forget it – the only thing colon cleanse is meant to accomplish is the removal of money from your wallet. It’s a scam that has zero health benefits. Your colon is clean.

    From Wiki:
    "No scientific evidence supports the alleged benefits of colon cleansing. The bowel itself is not dirty and barring drugs or disease, cleans itself naturally without need for assistance.

    Certain enema preparations have been associated with heart attacks and electrolyte imbalances. Frequent colon cleansing may interfere with the proper functioning of the colon and can lead to dependence on laxatives or enemas to defecate. Some herbs used may also interact with or reduce the effectiveness of prescription drugs.

    Colon cleansing is not necessary as the body naturally removes waste material. Colon cleansing may disrupt the balance between bacteria and natural chemicals in the bowel, and may interfere with the colon’s ability to shed dead cells."

    Why put yourself through this dangerous, unnatural and unnecessary procedure?

    Some quotes:
    "It’s an irrational concept, yet an intriguing idea, that modern life so fills us with poisons from polluted air and food additives that we need to be periodically "cleaned out" ("detoxified"). Never mind that natural chemicals in our foods are thousands of times more potent than additives, or that most Americans are healthier, live longer, and can choose from the most healthful food supply ever available." — Frances M. Berg, M.S.

    "Real detoxification of foreign substances takes place in the liver, which modifies their chemical structure so they can be excreted by the kidneys which filter them from the blood into the urine." –Stephen Barrett, M.D.

    "Toxin" is classic pseudoscience terminology. –Ben Goldacre, M.D.

    "…these detox programs amount to a large quantity of excrement, both literally and figuratively.” –Peter Pressman, M.D.


  • Tony I

    A relatively gentle yet effective product I have used is Colon Klenz-R.

    Here is the description:

    High in fiber, this premium, natural Colon Cleanse formula is designed to promote normal colon health.

    Suggested Use: 2 caps daily

    Nutrient/Ingredient Per Serving D.V.
    Calories <5 *
    Aloe Vera (inner fillet; 200:1 conc) 2.5 mg *
    Acidophilus Blend 200 million CFU *
    Bentonite Clay 400 mg *
    Cellulose (Nopal Cactus Fiber) 400 mg *
    Psylium Seed Husk 200 mg *
    Senna Leaf Powder 100 mg *
    Oat Bran Powder 100 mg *
    Citrus Pectin 60 mg *
    Barley Grass Powder 50 mg *
    Fructollgosaccharides (FOS) 50 mg *
    Golden Seal Powder 50 mg *
    Slippery Elm Bark Powder 50 mg *
    Prune Concentrate 50 mg *
    Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin

    It works especially well in combination with digestive enzymes such as Jarro-Zymes Plus.

    Those are widely available from many sources. I get mine from Utopiasilver.com and use a discount code of LR001 to get 15% off when they aren’t on sale.

  • sinister_heartless_shadows

    laxatives aren’t all that great (as long as it’s JUST to cleanse and not use it regularly). I’ve used exlax and works pretty good..kinda heavy though. But try this- take something like mineral oil every night for about two weeks- 1 month, only eat fruits like papaya and kiwi that will help you go and a lot of water/liquid, including prune juice. My brother in law did this diet recommended by his doctor and said it cleansed him alright.

  • Lisa b

    Sounds like you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). See a doctor about that. There are some good medications that will get you back on track. I only have to take meds when I get "out of whack". Good luck.

  • contactds1

    Psyllium is a natural colon cleanser, it is highly recommended that you take this with a full glass of water.

    If you include exercise in your routine and eating fresh fruits and vegetables you will not need a laxative and go to the bathroom at least once or twice a day.

  • Conchik

    I was raised on a tropical island and so there are no other than to use the natural stuff. We only use the "real" stuff like eating Papaya. This is a very good fruit to use, its delicious, healthy, it will boost your weight loss as well.

    Try eating ripe papaya everyday and include this in your fruit list when you go shopping. I know! I grew up using only the "good" healtlhy stuff.

    Anything else you want to find out, ask me. we, tropical islanders know the best natural stuff.


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