Thyroid Level.. Help!!?

I am 6 weeks preg and i got myself checked for Thyroid today on doc’s advice… and it turned out to be 6.68.. while the normal range is between 2 to 5 in 1st trimester.

I am so worried… am i ok? is my baby ok?? anyone gine thru this.. please advise ….


  • Amy S

    Sounds like you have hyperthyroidism. Bottom line, if you get is managed by a specialist (NOT YOUR OB) you will go on to having a very healthy pregnancy.
    I have been suffering from Graves Disease, and hypothyroidism since 1998 and I have spent all this time learning about the effects of thyroid and your body.
    Now that you are pregnant, and there is a concern for your thyroid function- please go see either an Endocrinologist or better yet, a Osteopath. Osteopaths do a more thorough job of treating you as a whole person, not just a # off of a lab slip.
    Being pregnant and having a thyroid condition is not dangerous, or harmful to your baby, but lots of things need to be considered. Your thyroid is essentially your engine- which keeps everything else running right. When that organ isn’t functioning right, other things can happen, especially in pregnancy. You become more tired, have less energy, have major emotional fluctuations, etc. The symptoms of Hypo and Hyper thyroidism are increased because now, you have the added work of growing your baby.
    Please do not be alarmed or worry because this is a condition that can be managed by you and your doctor easily.
    Check out the links below for more information.
    You are going to be fine!

  • jennifer

    never heard of anything about thyroid during pregnancy, but i think the best person to ask here is ur dr.

    edit: I did some research and here the link.
    click on this link and it will ans all ur questions.

  • claudeswife

    well what did your doctor say about it?? He or she is the one to ask about it not us.

  • Adidrev

    The safest way is taking safe herbals like aloe vera & ganoderma + prayer and you & your baby will be a-ok!

  • Zanizh

    I’ve had hypothyroidism for over ten years and during each pregnancy they had to check my thyroid level a few times and each time they had to adjust my meds to compensate. When you’re pregnant, there’s something that happens to the thyroid. I don’t have all the medical answers and I really don’t know what the numbers mean but with all my thyroid problems both my babies are healthy and happy. You may have to take a supplement or something but since they checked it early, I’m sure you and your baby will be fine. Hope my experience helps alleviate some fears.


    If doctor wasn’t worried, you shouldn’t worry…

  • Sounds like you are hypothyroid and need thyroid medication. More like you need the morning TSH under 2.0 when pregnant….really closer to 1.0. Keep tabs on this every 4 weeks to have a healthy baby. Make sure you are always testing first thing in the morning. The baby should be fine now you know there’s a problem. Just make sure the doctor treats you immediately for hypothyroidism

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