Natural remedies for baby eczema?

My baby is 6 weeks old and exclusively breastfed, but has red, spotty, cracked, flaky, wrinkly, dry skin that my doctor has said is eczema. It started off like chapped skin on her cheeks about 3 weeks ago and has got worse and worse and spread to her whole face including eyelids, ears, neck and now her chest, cracks of her elbows and knees.
My doctor gave me aqueous cream for her, but my health visitor said not to use it as it now proven to affect some babies’ skin and give them rashes!!!
I now (after this and other incidents) have little confidence in conventional medicine, but would appreciate any suggestions for alternative remedies availabIe in the UK that I can research to make her better, or at least reduce some discomfort, although she doesn’t seem too bothered by it at present.
I am currently using Allergenics Intensive care cream (as recommended by a homeopath at my local health food shop) to moisturise, and have just cut dairy products from my own diet to see if it helps.


  • Nemesis

    I’ve had eczema much of my life, so I feel for the baby.
    I am concerned that because of your "health visitor" you won’t try what the doctor said. ALL remedies can have adverse effects but you don’t know for sure that this would happen with what the doctor prescribed without giving it a fair chance.
    Here’s a site that covers some issues that might help:

    Here’s more info:
    Note navigation bars on left as it gives you areas to go to such as moisturizing and other self care.

    This doctor seems suspicious of cow’s milk for one thing (in YOUR diet):

    My suggestion is to read up on eczema, pay particular attention to food issues, and change YOUR diet as though YOU had eczema and see if that helps. Make sure the baby has as few fragrances, etc. around. Keep well moisturized.

    Personally, I think what is worth a go is this: olive oil. Put some on the affected areas. Olive oil doesn’t block skin pores up and is used in many beauty products. Unless, God forbid, your poor child has an allergy to it, if you are using EVO–Extra Virgin Olive Oil–I can’t see what the problem could be for the child. You’ll need to be careful about it getting all over as it could be messy, but soft cotton should be washable and so long as it is given a fair chance (I’d say 2 weeks, apply at least twice a day–and remember just as adults should do PAT dry, don’t RUB, skin so some moisture is left THEN apply the olive oil. As we’re talking a baby, they’ll rub it off more frequently than an adult who can better control what they’re doing, so may be you need to do half dozen times a day for a while. One good sized bottle and some patience COULD pay off. I pray so.
    I had decided to try olive oil myself when I heard a beauty expert on how it doesn’t clog pores. Just bought a bottle yesterday but was too exhausted to try it (I’m very ill and fatigue easily). Can’t wait to see if it works for me though to get back to you.

    Good luck!

  • Demonia

    Baby Orajel makes a line called Gentle Naturals and has a baby eczema cream. I think Walgreens has it. Here is a link:

  • healthwise357

    heredity and genetics play a vital role in passing eczema from one generation to another. it may appear at some point in your lives especially when the immune system is low. it can also be triggered by skin irritants and allergens.

    to avoid eczema flare ups there are lot of things to consider like:

    * keeping fingernails trimmed
    * using an all natural moisturizer throughout the day will be helpful in keeping skin moist
    * hydrating the skin by drinking loads of water
    * avoiding foods that are processed and that have preservatives
    * use natural fabrics that are soft
    * avoid tight, rough and scratchy clothes
    * do not sweat it, avoid activities that makes you sweat
    * avoid temperatures that are extremely hot and cold
    * avoid drastic change of weather
    * try not to scratch the infected area
    * watch and check out diet
    * avoid long baths
    * get rid of skin irritants like dust and pollens
    * keep your environment clean

    for more tips about preventing eczema outbreaks visit

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