Natural remedies for a yeast infection!?

Please help! Just whatever you know of or heard of. It hurts and burns and itches so bad. I already know about tea tree oil, yogurt and garlic. Something new and natural and fast! Thanks!


  • Jessica

    To properly treat this infection you need to bring a change to your lifestyle by eating and exercising/ doing the following:

    1. Choose cotton underwear and do not wear tight trousers (Moulds love warm, dark spaces with limited airflow).

    2. Avoid damp environments where airborne moulds are ever-present.

    3. Exercise everyday to relieve stress. Aerobic exercise is especially useful in treating candida as Candida and other fungi do not thrive in a high-oxygen environment. Also, fresh air and regular exercise have a positive effect on immunity.

    4. Cut all foods containing yeast including bread, pizza, crackers, pastries, muffins, mushrooms and ferments like soy sauce, cheese, tomato paste, beer and vinegar.

    5. Avoid refined carbohydrates as they are known to have a depressant effect on the immune system.

    6. Get organic coconut oil which cost about $5-7 dollars from a health food store and take 2 tablespoons of it every morning. It will help give relief from the inflammation caused by yeast (candida), externally and internally to your body.

    7. Get apple cider vinegar RAW. I would recommend the one from a company called Bragg’s which is about $6 dollars. Take 2 tablespoons of it the moment you wake up from bed and before you go to sleep. It helps encourage the growth of healthy bacteria, which in turn minimizes the overgrowth of candida and balances your body’s pH level.

    8. Eat lots of leafy Green Veg’s every time you are hungry.

    9. Get probiotics supplement which cost about 20-30 dollars. Use as directed 10. AVOID ALL


  • Sounds very strange but cabbage leaves is great for this, very old remedy but it works, if you need extra relief if the itching Is really bad put them in the freezer for a bit first

  • Here are some yeast infection home remedies that have worked for me:

    Oil of Oregano
    Water (at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water daily
    Apple-cider vinegar
    Plain yogurt

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