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    When you have high cholesterol (Hypercholesterolemia) Plaque forms in your Arteries Wether its coronary (Coronary artery disease) or Peripheral Vessels (Peripheral Vascular Disease). Alot of white meat (Fish/Chicken) is a good meat to eat. Alot of red meat is high in cholesterol. Start a good Diet/Exercise Program. Talk to your Doctor about About it more. If your Diet and exercise dont help you will be put on medication to lower your Cholesterol (Lipid Lowering drugs) your doctor will explain it all to you

    Good luck with everything and Stay happy and healthy

  • It's Common Sense

    You can eat whatever you want. Eating high amounts of cholesterol has nothing to do with the cholesterol that builds up in the arteries.

    We get 25% of our daily cholesterol through the food we eat, and it doesn’t matter where the cholesterol comes from. 25% is 25%. While you’re avoiding those juicy sirloin steaks because of their high cholesterol content, you’re making up for it with the rabbit food you’re quickly learning to hate – vegetarians have cholesterol problems, too.

    The reason for the cholesterol buildup in the arteries is because of chronic dehydration.

    Dehydration turns the blood acidic. During its passage through the lungs, the blood loses even more water due to respiration (breathe on a mirror to see this water loss). As it enters the arteries, the acidic blood is under a high, shearing pressure that damages the artery linings.

    To prevent this damage from peeling off and traveling to the brain or some other organ causing a deadly embolism, the body produces the so-called "bad" cholesterol to cover and protect the damaged area like a waterproof bandage until it can be repaired.

    The problem comes in when the medical profession doesn’t recognize dehydration as the cause of health problems and, consequently, the dehydration never gets treated properly. This allows the damage to worsen and the cholesterol to build up.

    This explanation may be a little hard to swallow, so consider this – cholesterol is tested for by taking a blood sample from a vein in the arm. Yet, there has never been a case where the veins have become clogged by cholesterol. Venous blood moves much slower than arterial blood and would thus be more inclined to become blocked if the assumption of ‘bad" cholesterol were true.

    The reason the larger arteries have cholesterol buildup is because this is where the damage from acidic blood is taking place, and so this is where the protection by cholesterol is needed. So actually, cholesterol is meant to be a life saving substance.

    Medications can lower the cholesterol, but if you go this route, you’ll be on the medications for the rest of your life. They don’t correct the underlying cause (dehydration) and as long as the underlying cause is still present, you’ll always have problems.

    Click the link below to learn how to correct the dehydration. Once the dehydration is corrected, the blood will become less acidic and there will be no more need for cholesterol.

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    you dont give any info about yourself such as age and How fat you actually are or any indicators that might change answers such as you Have to take drugs because your cholesterol is that bad….

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