Colon Cleansing?

How do I find a doctor that does colon cleansing in my area?
I’m in Detroit, MI.


  • Renny76

    Congratulations for taking a proactive step in locating a local doctor to perform a colon cleansing.

    On a serious note, colon cleansing helps to eliminate fecal matter that may have accumulated over time. Carrying around pounds of fecal matter is not good for a healthy body. Not only does accumulated fecal matter cause illness and discomfort, it also encourages parasites and bacteria to grow and reproduce in our bodies – which could lead to even more health problems.

    Colon cleansing offers many advantages for your health such as increased energy levels and improved digestion. You can read more about other benefits here:

    A local listing of the Colonic Network in the Detroit area can be found here:

    Good luck!

  • ckentabc

    Head west on RT-21 and look for on-ramp to Hershey Highway. You can’t miss it. It’s usually a little crowded, but just ease your way onto the highway slowly and everything will be fine.

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