Colon cancer progression ?

Just wondering how long it takes for this cancer to grow. I’m 31 and I had a colonoscopy two years ago, in which they found a non cancerous polyp. I’m supposed to follow up in three more years. I’ve been having abdominal issues, mainly after eating, but not necessarily just after eating. I’m going to the gastrointestinal doctor in a few weeks, but am worried because my dad passed from this disease.

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  • lisa t

    Not to alarm you, but go to the doctor tomorrow! Colon cancer is a silent cancer. You can really have no symptoms and then turn around and it is stage 4. My dear friend had a complete physical in October 2010. In perfect health. October 2011 he had a cold & pain under his shoulder doctor said he had a respiatory infection, but his cold & shoulder pain never went away. He started losing weight. In December 2011 he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer! Like overnight.

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