What are some hemroid natural treatment?

I’m suffering from hemorrhoids and want to know if anyone can help me find natural cure for this embarrassing health problem…


  • Prachi

    Treat constipation first,using natural ways.

    Eat fibre rich foods like fresh fruits,raw vegetables,etc.Egs:muskmelons,oranges,cucumbers,wheat porridge,,coconut water,etc

    Avoid milk,chillies,curd,spices,tamarind,onion…

    Soak 2 dry figs in the evening in water.Eat them early in the morning on an empty stomach.
    Soak them in the morning also and eat at 5 PM daily
    Don’t eat/drink anything (except water) 1 hr. before and after eating them(both in morning and evening)
    Do this for 10 days.

    Do aakash mudra(yogic mudra) 15 mins in the morning and evening each,with both hands.

    Avoid washing of anus with hot water.

    Also avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods.Even after piles is cured,avoid such foods.

    If you have bleeding piles,eat 500 gm good quality papaya,1 hr. after lunch daily.

  • angela

    The best way to keep them clean is with witch hazel on a small cotton ball.

  • Richard Hawkins

    The only natural cure is to very gradually increase the amount of fibre in your diet, until you reach the recommended daily intake. This problem is caused by long term poor diet.

  • Lincoln6

    More fiber, stool softeners, witch hazel and avoid spicy foods.

  • ckngbbbls

    clean with witch hazel which can reduce swelling and using a bit of lube, push them back up there.
    Apply an ice pack to reduce swelling too.
    Eat lots of fiber foods and drink lots of water to prevent hard stools.
    Learn to take deep breaths when you are pooping so you don’t push too hard.
    There is another product called Preparation H that also eases swelling and itching.
    There really isn’t anything that isn’t "natural’ to fix them, outside of the preparation H
    If none of the remedies here help,you might need surgery to fix them.

    EDIT: to Richard, there are other causes for hemmroids besides not eating fiber. Pregnant women often get them from the pressure of the baby they are carrying.

  • YiPiYaYa

    Hi, i will recommend you to use natural remedy treatment like blueberrie, ceanothus ,horsetail, garlic and key lime. A natural remedy is much more appropriate, cheaper and more effective too!

  • Num Lock

    Hello Jo Phil,

    I know and understand what you are going on right now, to know more about hems, hemorrhoids are the protruding blood vessels in the anus which make activities like walking and sitting extremely painful. There are numerous ways to cure hemorrhoids but people prefer to use natural means for Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment. This is because it is a healthy and easy way. The first thing people need to do is change their life style and opt for a fibrous diet. The consumption of fiber is very important in eliminating hemorrhoids. It reduces straining in bowel movements and softens stool. In addition, bioflavonoid is a plant which helps in reducing the swelling and inflammation of blood vessels. Consuming bioflavonoid rich items like citrus fruits can also aid in treating hemorrhoids naturally.

    After any treatment you should watch out for your diet or else it will definitely come back.

    Hopes this help Jo, Get well soon


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