Well now that I think i have the answer to my hair problem, now I think i have a THYROID problem?

I get my period like twice a week and i’ve been taking 3 hour naps most days for the past two months. My hair is thin and i’ve noticed that there’s been a lot that’s left on my brush. My hands and feet are cold. What could happen if this is a thyroid problem and i don’t treat it? If this is a thyroid problem and i have to go to the doctor’s about how much should it cost? my mom doesn’t want to spend so much money and tells me it’s all in my head.
if i take a blood test how much blood do the doctors take and does it hurt? o_O


  • Thyroid problems are very serious. Untreated thyroid conditions result in great fatigue, weight gain, heart damage, difficulty thinking or remembering, being cold, slower and slower metabolism, digestive troubles, constipation, depression, anemia, hair loss, nail weakness, vision problems, etc. If you are young and your thyroid isn’t working properly, your development may be stunted. Basically, the thyroid regulates your entire metabolism and has a role in controlling ALL of your organs. In short, it’s really really really bad to not treat it. Fortunately, it is generally easy to treat. You must see a doctor, who will take blood tests and see if your thyroid hormones are low. Then you will get a prescription for thyroid hormones, which are quite inexpensive–maybe $10 per month, or less. Then, you should be OK, though you may have to go back to the doctor to make sure that the amount of thyroid hormones you are using is not too little, and not too much. If your mom won’t take you, then you should tell the school nurse about your problem. They may be able to do some of the tests there. By the way, do you have a lump in your throat, on the front? Because that’s where your thyroid gland is, and when it is not working well, it often grows larger. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thyroid

  • cmb5283

    It really varies by state and such on how much it costs….go to a community health center and they can go based on income so it’s a sliding scale which means you pay less. You could have a thyroid problem. It’s a simple test and doesn’t require a lot of blood. It is just a pinch, not even as much as a shot. It takes about a minute for them to actually draw your blood and it really isn’t bad at all. I’d look into it, tell your mom if it’s not a thyroid problem and is in your head, then you need a psychologist.

  • Yvette C

    Sounds like the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism. I have it and take synthetic thyroid hormone replacement, levothyroxine, every day. If left untreated, you may start to grow a goiter in your neck, your tongue will swell, you may even go into what they call a myexedema coma. This is not a disease to ignore. Get to the doctor. It is a simple blood test. Some hospitals offer free TSH testing if money is an issue, but don’t let that stop you. It is very important that you receive treatment if you have hypothyroidism.

  • School nurse

    This could be a thyroid problem. You would need a test called a TSH–a test to measure the amount of Thyroid stimulation Hormone in your blood. I don’t think it is very expensive.
    This might be a problem of lifestyle. Are you eating properly? A bad diet can cause these symptoms. Exercising? Not exercising can cause you to be tired all the time. Getting enough sleep? If you are staying up late at night and not getting enough sleep can make you need naps in the daytime.
    Fix these things and start taking a vitamin daily. If you fix it and after 6 weeks you still have the same symptoms, I’d see a doctor and get the test. But you need to make an honest effort to improve your health.

  • onlymatch4u

    If you think you have a thyroid problem, the first thing I would do is check yourself to see if you are deficient in the necessary mineral, iodine. This is the most common problem and if you are deficient, your thyroid will enlarge and you will become hypothyroid (low thyroid).

    Your thyroid gland is responsible for governing your metabolism; low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) causes fatigue, weight gain, coldness and sometimes hair loss. Your thyroid gland needs a variety of nutrients, including vitamin A, zinc, the amino acid tyrosine and the mineral iodine to help it make the main thyroid hormones (known as T3 and T4) plus selenium, copper and iron to help convert T4 to the more active T3.

    To start, test yourself to see if you are deficient in iodine. Take "tincture of iodine" and smear a patch on your forearm about 2" x 3." If this patch disappears sooner than 24 hours, you are deficient. It takes about 5 to 6 months of eating iodine rich foods, etc. to bring the level up to a normal state.

    If you are deficient in tyrosine (an amino acid), this will cause the hormones T3 and T4 not to be made. An iron deficiency will also contribute heavily to low thyroid problem. This seems to be very suspect in your case because you said that when you get your period, you require more sleep.

    I would stop eating ANYTHING that has SOY in it. Soy inhibits the absorption of IRON by over 50% and this can cause you to become anemic. It is why so many vegetarians are anemic. Soy also contains lots of goitrogens that slow your thyroid down drastically. Additionally, soy is very high in the heavy metal Aluminum that loads up in the thyroid creating the low thyroid condition.

    DO NOT start taking Synthroid and other medications to speed up your thyroid. This garbage will actually kill the thyroid tissue and make you totally dependent upon it for the rest of your life. Only do this if everything else fails.

    If you do the iodine test it you find you are deficient, I suggest doing what I did to fix my thyroid problem. Go to: http://www.healthline.cc (not .com) and buy the XENO DETOX product and take 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening each day. It will take about 5 to 6 months to bring your levels up to normal.

    To address the iron deficiency problem, I would eat lots of raisins and also beef liver from grass fed cows, not the Angus beef you buy in local stores.

    good luck to you

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