Too much cholesterol?

I am trying to gain muscle weight, and have been eating a protein-heavy diet. In the morning I have been eating 3-4 scrambled eggs, and it just occurred to me that is a lot of cholesterol(57% DV per egg iirc). The rest of my diet is almost completely cholesterol free aside from a little bit from skim milk. So, is this too much cholesterol for a 20 year old(6′ 155 lbs)?


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    The important thing to consider here is, what is your cholesterol profile? Have you ever had your cholesterol level tested? Does high cholesterol run in your family?

    Dietary cholesterol intake is just one factor. You can eat a lot of high cholesterol foods and still have a very healthy cholesterol level. This is because some people’s bodies are very efficient at ridding the body of excess cholesterol – both exogenous (from food) as well as endogenous (what your body makes, and yes, your body produces cholesterol even if your diet is cholesterol free)

    Consider asking your doctor to run a lipid profile on you. This is a fasting blood test that will show (1) your total cholesterol (2) your LDL or "bad cholesterol level (3) your HDL or "good" cholesterol level and (4) your triglyceride levels. People with high total, LDL, and triglyceride levels are more at risk for heart disease. If it’s all good, then enjoy your eggs!

    You’re a little young, but clinical studies suggest that the younger you start controlling your risk factors, the better off your heart health will be in the long run!


    eat cheeroles! (the ceral) and no, its not too much

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