thyroid questions?

can anyone tell me what the difference is between underactive and overactive thyroid? do they have the same symptoms?

Also are there things we can do to help a problem without prescription meds-like alternative med natural etc?thank you


  • nyu412

    Iodine is key in helping prevent a thyroid condition. Iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism and the formation of goiters. Start using iodized salt and eat foods with more iodine like milk, yogurt, kelp (seaweed), eggs..etc.

  • runner1girl9

    If the condition is mild, you can take certain vitamins to help your thyroid secrete/ stop secreting as much of the hormone.

  • gunpowder_tea_4_2

    Hypo mean your thyroid is sluggish and your body will also be sluggish, tired. Try Nettle bladder-wrack Ginger and Cayenne also Kelp has iodine and staying away from. Potatoes, cabbage, strawberries.

    Hyper is over active, can cause things to speed up. Your heart rate etc…

  • Under active and over active thyroid also refers to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism respectively. When you say hypothyroidism it produces less hormones, while hyperthyroidism is over production of hormones. They doesn’t have the same symptoms. In most cases when a person has hyperthyoidism they experience palpitations and in worse case when it becomes toxic it can lead to protruding of the eyes. Patients with hypothyoid has low metabolism that sometime leads to obesity. Both problem should be given proper medication. I suggest that you visit an Endocronolgist so you would be given proper medication. I’m not sure if there’s any alternative medicines for that. But most patients with thyroid problem are given thyroxine as maintenance.

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