Thyroid Problems…?

today i talked with my doctor and he said that u probably have thyroid problems becase i was seeing hair loss and dry skin should i be concerned i didn’t know what it was but i didnt want to ask and sound stupid in front of a doctor


  • kniggit92

    first, it’s ok to ask a doctor about anything. they’re there for a reason, that is, not only to treat you but to answer health questions as well. secondly, i don’t claim to know everything about the thyroid, but i’ve heard quite a bit from my 3 family members who have thyroid problems. most thyroid conditions are pretty much treatable. if your doctor didn’t say it’s thyroid cancer then i wouldn’t worry too much (and even if it were thyroid cancer there are different types, the majority of which are 100% treatable and no problem). i’m not saying you shouldn’t address it though. most times, the doctor will prescribe a drug that will not only restore your hormone balance but they usually come in the $4 generic brands.
    i hope i helped 🙂

  • Appleman

    Thyroid problems are common and easily diagnosed and treated. You do not say if tests were ordered. Go to Google and type the word "thyriod problems." You will get a lot of information.

  • aWellWisher

    Thyroid gland’s under or overactivity can cause problems. With your symptoms, a thyroid function test is indicated.
    Good luck!

  • Mom-of-2

    Did he actually do blood work to determine if you have thyroid problems? Don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions no matter what.

  • Alex C

    For one, those symptoms are associated with Hypothyroidism but are not the usual indicators. But, it could very well be Hypothyroidism. If you do have it or any other thyroid disorder, don’t be too concerned. Its something to look into, but it is very very rarely life threatening. So see an endocrinologist, and they will do blood tests and see if you do have it.
    (Just so you know, your doctor should have either ordered blood tests or told you to see an endocrinologist. It was very bad diagnosing on his part to simply tell you about a thyroid problem and send you on your way. When I was being tested for it, my doctor immediately gave me a recommendation for a sceond opinion and outside treatment)

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