thyroid help?

Okay so my great grandma and my grandma both have thyroid problems…im not sure what kind though and my mother is extremely over weight and sleeps all the time..she however has never be dignosed with thyroid issuses…i am 19 a little over weight but not obese…but i am always extremely tired even when i get 8 hours of sleep at night….i was just wondering if anyone thinks that i should go get tested or not.


  • badpesta

    I believe you should go get your thyroid tested. But please note that most often, when a doctor checks your thyroid levels, the test results can come back normal even though your thyroid is not functioning properly. I have had a thyroid condition for years (all of the symptoms) and whenever my doctor checked my thyroid, he only checked one of the many tests that they can check your improperly functioning thyroid for. So, ask your doctor to please check you for ALL of the thyroid functioning tests to get a clear and accurate assessment of your thyroid.

  • Halle

    Yes it is always good to have a thyroid test ……have your doctor do this on your next visit. This will let you know if your thyroid is hyper or hypo and then you can be regulated with medication.

  • sugarmags

    Those are signs of hypothyroidism as well as dry skin, cool skin, decreased appetite with weight gain, sluggish physicaly and mentally. If you feel you need to have your thyroid check make sure your doctor tests you TSH, T3 and T4 for accurate results!

  • tipper

    Get tested. It will ease your mind. And might keep your hair from falling out. Low thyroid can do that too.

  • Yes, get tested.

    Getting tested will give you answers.

    Some thyroid disorders make people extremely tired – even when they get plenty of rest.

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