Natural alternative for Prozac or Paxil?

Does anyone know of any natural alternative for Prozac or Paxil?


  • Ashley

    There are a few remedies to try for depression that would be safe and actually beneficial to your health, which you would not need to clear with your doctor first. The first I’d suggest is a fish oil product high in EPA, such as Country Life Omega 3 Mood or Nature’s Way EFAGold Mood Aid. A variety of population and individual studies have shown that high omega 3 levels are associated with lower levels of depression. EPA seems to be the fatty acid most associated with mood health, but any good quality product will do. Some good companies that sell fish oil are Nordic Naturals, NOW Foods, and the ones previously mentioned. The dose of the standard 180 EPA/ 120 DHA would be 4-10 softgels per day.

    Low blood folate levels have also been reported in persons with depression, so supplementing with folic acid is a good idea. The FDA stupidly limits supplemental folic acid to 1mg, and 800mcg is more common to find, so I would start by taking at least 4 of those per day. A B-12 supplement taken concurrently is a good idea.

    Other avenues to explore are tyrosine and ginkgo biloba, among others, but I consider these to have more possibility for side effects (the omega 3 and folic acid are healthy and actually required for health, so it makes sense to start there).

    Some will recommend 5-HTP (indeed, it the closest ‘natural’ substance in mechanism of action to Paxil) but there is a concern that too much serotonin can be created outside the brain, possibly damaging the cardiovascular system. I would steer clear of 5-HTP and would instead prefer the SSRIs.

    Other supportive measures that would be helpful for depression are regular exercise and a healthy diet free of junk food and high in antioxidants (think dark colors in fruits and veggies).

    If you require more information about these, a book by Michael Murray MD is a good starting place, and most libraries and bookstores generally have some books on the treatment of depression. Another good book is "Dealing with Depression Naturally."

    I wish you well.

  • free_tips_and_tricks

    Supposedly St Johns Wart. but check with your doctor.

  • Mame Darling


    carleson’s is the best..

    it really helps with a lot of different things, but also helps balance out the brain chemicals.

  • sarahsmile

    Carlsons cod liver oil in lemon flavor, you want a combined dose so that the epa Dha equal well over a thousand one tablespoon to times a day should do it. if you get a ton of sun everyday, then you could take the fish oil instead. It will not contain the vitamin d like the cod will. I assume you are depressed based on your question, Force yourself to get out and get some exercises. put your music on and hop on a bike or just run !!!! it is amazing how much better you will feel..Finally get the crap out of your diet, no box food, no bagels, no sugar , take it easy on dairy and wheat, eat clean, live clean

  • lyeleejoe

    Coca teas has been found to be quite effective with depression, just Google it, you can order coca tea in America at

  • londonminx

    You could try chinese herbs; they work for a lot of people. Make sure you go to a well established chain and that the ingredients are of good quality.

    St John’s Wort does sometimes work for mild to moderate depression. It interacts with the birth control pill and many other medications, and you can’t take it at the same time as anti depressants.

    If you don’t find a natural remedy that helps, don’t rule out medication entirely. Anti depressants enable millions of people to live more normal lives and to feel more optimistic. You don’t have to be on them forever, remember.

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