• Sandra

    No, of course not. Just don’t do it in public – people get annoyed with you and there may be dire consequences.

    Religion is bad for health. Count the deaths resulting from religion, versus the deaths resulting from masturbation. All the bad rap on masturbation comes from religion, no matter what they say about health.

  • From a medical point of view, not masturbating is bad, its because if you do not masturbate the blood flow in your pelvic area will be slower creating what is called stasis, increasing your chance to develop varicose and thrombosis.

  • David

    Yea you can get a sore wrist lol

  • Alexis

    No, it’s a natural human reaction to being aroused.

  • Stephanie

    No course it isn’t bad for your health. Its extremly good for you the only thing is you will get a sore wrist lol

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