does anyone know any websites for natural remedies for illnesses vaccines are for?

I’ve done my homework on vaccines. I believe the benefit is not worth the risk, and I believe the earth is God’s pharmacy. I’m fascinated with homeopathic stuff. I’ve got a few really good books on nutritional healing and natural remedies. I treat as much of my children’s ailments at home with herbs and other Natural remedies. I was just wondering if anyone, happened to know of any good sites for the "biggies". thanks.
autism is only 1 of the thoudands of side effects there are. SIDS, "shaken baby syndrome", to name a few..
Also, the gov’t. has predetermined results for their tests. b4 they even did testing on the vaccine autism thing, they predetermined the "no link".
check out


the question u need to ask yourself is, am I going to blindly accept what the docters tell me, or do my own reserch
its a huge conflict of interest for the doctors to reserch, they blindly accept what the CDC tells them.
did u know theres aborted fetus tissue in some vaccines,did u know the bird flu virus is in some vaccines,did u know the vaccines that mercury was removed from, now have aluminum and formaldahyde instead????



  • Some of the people on Health and Healing board and Vaccinations board are very knowledgable about treating diseases for which there are vaccines. A biggie on that board is sodium ascorbate, abbreviated as SA. It is a buffered, powdered form of vitamin C, and it is awesome for pertussis. Vitamin A supplementation is important for measles. Drinking plenty of water, gettting rest, and avoiding Tylenol at all costs works well for everything. Making sure that wounds bleed is a good way to avoid tetanus. Washing non-bleeding wounds with hydrogen peroxide gets oxygen inside the wound, which kills possible tetanus. Diphtheria is treated with antibiotics. Hib is treated with antibiotics. Hepatitis A is often symptomless in children, as is rubella.

    The odds are that the only diseases you will notice your children getting are chickenpox and pertussis. My oldest child is 5 years old, and that’s all she’s gotten. We had to search hard for chickenpox.

  • PeaceTrain

    What homework have you done?

    Have you gone to actual non-biased sources? I am close to several people doing research for themselves on a scientific level for the government, and I can guarantee you that there is not currently any connection between vaccinations and autism, which is the most common myth.

    Please, if you want your children to be healthy you need to vaccinate them. I promise.

    If you want more information on my sources, feel free to email me and I’ll try and come up with a few studies for you to read through.

  • oldtimekid2

    It’s very good that you’re doing your research before blindly accepting what certain groups may say. I have read some interesting research from Dr. Julian Whitaker (one of the big doctors that promotes natural health options) about vaccinations causing problems like that. The downside is that it was in one of his newsletters (which are by subscription basis), but if you do a search on Yahoo or Google for Dr. Whitaker and Vaccination, you’ll probably find some of his research that he’s posted on the internet (or that has been posted about it). You should find some great information on it. Good luck!

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