Do you have any natural sleep remedies?


  • Foods rich in Tryptophan will help induce natural sleep and aid in reducing anxiety and tension.

    Avoid caffeine for a few hours before bedtime too.

    foods rich in Tryptophan are ~ bananas, cottage cheese, milk, meat, fish, turkey, bananas, dried dates, peanuts and all protein rich foods …………. turkey sandwiches for supper may just do the trick buddy……… :0)

    Have a soothing cup of organic loose leaf chamomile tea ~ this could be the sleep remedy you need too♥

    The tea bag and commercial varieties of herbal teas such as chamomile tea could never be of any therapeutic value as they have had so much of the essential oils pulverised from them ………. only organic will do buddy ♥

    Also, try putting a few drops of pure essential lavender oil into a warm bath and soak in that for 15 minutes just before bedtime ~ the lavender oil is a great natural stress reliever and will relax you enormously ♥

    For more difficult insomnia, try 1mg of melatonin sublingually (dissolved under the tongue) 15 minutes before bedtime♥any good health food store will be able to provide you with all these things♥

    Naturally resolving the problem will always be the best way …. :0)

    hope this helps you a bit ♥


  • jenny d

    meditation. Do it before you go to bed for 10 minutes, it works for me every time. Relaxes your body and frees your mind from the thoughts that keep you from falling asleep.

  • Real Snuffy rides again!

    Earl Grey tea
    Green tea with honey and lemon (if you wish, you can add a tablespoon of Sake)

  • TitoBob

    Melatonin, available over the counter in both Canada and the U.S.A. Start with 1mg tablets if they’re available. If you can only get the 3mg tablets, cut them in half to start with. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced in the human body to "tell it" it’s bedtime, but sometimes not enough is produced, especially in older adults. There are no known side effects for the low doses recommended as a sleep aid.

  • TheAlchymist

    Ready for sleep, you let – mentally – circulate all your blood in your feet. You will feel, that they become warm.
    Then you let the circulation slowly come up in your body, having in mind that you will fall asleep, when it reaches you head.

  • PinUpGirl

    If you like tea I suggest buying this one called 7 Blossoms. It’s a combination of spearmint, linden, tila, passionflower and valerian. They all have relaxing qualities. I take it everynight and it makes me drowsy withink 20-30 minutes of drinking it. If you DONT like tea, go to a local health store and buy these ALL NATURAL pills called Calms Forte. That’s the site if you don’t know of a local health store. They aren’t expensive and work really well too.

  • Ken I

    Yes nice long relaxing sex. After a poor mans sleeping pill you can always sleep good.

  • momsclinic

    I used to take 1mg melatonin sublingual 30min before bedtime. I have been using this for almost 5 years. It has helped me fall aspleep easily.

    Now I am using a food-based basic nutrition powder mixed with my juice, it has helped me sleep soundly and I wake up rested. Im glad this addressed my sleep problems and as an added bonus my muscle pains are gone.

    You may try melatonin or you may look for a high quality protein powder.

  • loidfish

    hey Suzeeque Q No drink / food / exercise / TV same daily.

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