what disease/condition could i have?

i am 31 year old married woman. for the last 2 months, been having strange symptoms. swollen nodes in neck, they kinda hurt at times. kinda dizzy, like spaced out feeling. also, a strange feeling in my trachea. no fever or night sweats or itching. actually gained like 5 pounds. feel kinda depressed and stressed out because i am looking for a job and having a hard time finding one. having no problems sleeping. my sister and mom have hypo thyroid problems and i am a bit anemic. i have been to 3 doctors, nobody can figure it out. could this be mono, cancer? please help me…

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  • get your thyroid levels checked, since thyroid conditions tend to run in families.
    although I highly doubt this is the problem, you can get tested for mono; just a simple blood test is needed to confirm that you do — or don’t — have the epstein bar virus. good luck 🙂

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