What are some natural remedies for depression?

I know exercise helps, any natural methods and foods that can have a mood enhancing effect?
I’d highly doubt that woulBrazilian Ju Jitzud be possible, I study both Aikido and Brazilian Jujitzu, but if you see me one day you’re free to take a shot 🙂


  • crct2004

    I went to a health food store for stress and depression and an herbalist recommended 3 things that she uses and they have made a remarkable difference in how I feel. Rhodila 300 (root), B-complex, and Fish oil gel caps. It has been three weeks and I feel like a new person and was able to control a very bad habit that was causing me big problems.

    I have tied all kinds of other things and never felt a difference, the difference I am feeling now feels like a miracle. I have also been listening to hypnosis CD’ which I think helped but when I started taking the supplements I noticed a remarkable difference.

  • Trudy Bell

    vitiman D & sunshine

  • St Johns Wort, but not too much, just a little bit!


  • JimDean

    I heard some people say that cutting out white bread from their diet improved their moods and kept them from being so crabby. Not sure if this would help with depression, but I do think there’s something to it. Good luck.

  • soulful thinker

    Drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine, chocolate, and in general junk food.

    Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

  • ashley h

    look on http://www.oprah.com. under key words type in meditation. Listen to the 4 meditation exercises. IT REALLY WORKS. Plug headphones into the computer and follow the directions.

  • sally72006

    Vitamin B12 BComplex, also electric shock.

  • Jessica

    I have heard of St. John’s Wort and Kava supplements working significantly for depression. You should be able to read a ton of info on them on the web.

  • catsclaw

    exercise yes!! vegetarian diet is also very important http://www.notmilk.com also setting goals and achieving goals, positive thinking, prayer and helping others has always made me feel better.

  • graciegirl

    kava kava, ginger, ginkgo biloba, licorice root, oat straw, peppermint, siberian ginseng, st. john’s wort

  • Penguin_drinking_green

    St.John’s wort helps but ask your doctor first. Chocolate has chemicals that naturally improve your mood. Natural daylight also improves your mood.

  • Sneha

    Try to eat regularly, even though you may not feel like it. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits.

    Try to spend more time relating to people; it will help lift the depression and also think positive.

    for more details see below source….and also consult your doctor.

  • ♥♥ Peachy ♥♥

    Sunlight, cod liver oil, leisure activities.


  • Solunas

    Yes. Depression is caused by a number of things but one is an Omaga 3 deficiency. Fish oil is the best source for Omega3s. Filtered oil capsules are the best or the oil itself if you can drink it straight.
    My favorite is Virgin Salmon Oil by Swanson and it’s a good price too.
    Another remedy is SAMe a natural amino acid.


  • amiguita_malu

    I swear by 5HTTP/Kava, Kava/St John’s Wort/Valeriana Root/Nature Walks and a glass of red wine in the evening(just 1)

  • Amanitvam

    Are you employed? It can be depressing when you are unemployed.

    Do you like your job? That can also be a source of depression.

    How is your love life? Do you get enough quality time with the spouse and kids? Do you even have a family?

    Do you have any friends? Try visiting your local coffee shop to meet new friends. It really helps to talk to real people in normal circumstances.

    Are you atheistic or agnostic? That can make one depressed also since you may not be able to accept possibility of after life.

    Have you looked into yoga?

  • mudpuppy

    there are quite a few, but one remedy is to get a good supply of fat. fat does not make you fat, sugar makes you fat. natural fatty acids are the fuel for our brains and guts. without it, you can’t absorb nutrients, which makes depression worse.

    you could try eating an avacado a day. also, try a spoonful of cod liver oil (i know, yucky) in the morning. they have some at almost any vitamin shop. they also have some that’s flavored naturally so you don’t have to deal with the nasty taste. butter is another helpful thing. when you put butter on things, put a little extra on.

    also, vitamin B and vitamin B12 are extremely helpful. but only take them in the morning so you’re not up all night.

    i promise you, fat does not make you fat. sugar does.

    although eating enough fat might help depression, if it’s more than just a deficiency, but it’s a mental thing, i’m afraid eating right won’t cure it completely. however, it’s worth a try.

    good luck!

  • tmanx1

    Fish oil supplements are said to be quite effective at raising serotonin levels.

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