thyroid condition after lobectomy?

I had the right lobe of my thyroid removed due to a non cancerous multinodular goiter. I’m doing great and have normal function, no medication, life is good. I’m supposed to get my levels checked annually but aside that I don’t need to worry unless I develop hypothyroid symptoms. So now I’m wondering, what the heck do I call my thyroid condition now? I forgot to ask my surgeon. I feel normal but I know future docs will need to know about my surgery. Is there a medical term I should use for this? because "normal half thyroidless" sounds silly. I am in the process of moving so I’ll have a whole new wave of doctors to deal with.
thank you Diane for a nice answer


  • Diane B

    Your condition is you have had a right lobectomy secondary to a benign mulinodular goiter. That is the way the doctor’s would term it. Good luck to you — I had a lobectomy back in 1978 due to a very rare carcinoma and have been cancer free now for 30 years. Mine was due to tonsil radiation treatments as a child.

  • versantly

    follow up with your specialists -not Yahoo.

  • drankurbhardwaj

    you are in the euthyroid state following a right sided lobectomy for benign multi-nodular goitre.

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