should i colon cleanse?

ok so i am sooo not regular, im talking maybe 2-3 times a week, & I dont eat bad , i mean im at my wits end , it hurts when i go and still my stomach aches and is hard after. i know tmi but i need help . should i cleanse & if so what kind do u suggest.. have beed researching and lets just say im confused.. HELP


  • Lewys

    I would if I were you. I have to do a colon cleanse at least once a year.would go to a health store not GNC but a good health store I thought I had the name of the one I use and really like as I have tried many but I’m out. good luck

  • yager19

    That is a personal decision.

  • sagittarius.chick

    You are probably not eating enough fiber. Raisin Bran is good for fiber and maybe try a stool softener to help ease the pain. I am not positive if you should colon cleanse, it just does what your body should do naturally. If this doesn’t work, i would see your doctor, pronto.

  • lol….yeah, tmi… just be careful about colon cleanse pills…….

    my mom order the DUAL ACTION CLEANSE by Klee Irwin……….and i looked it up before use…………..horrible reviews from everywhere….and it’s not fda approved.

    do not take it.

    just wanted to give you a heads up on that.

  • Christin K

    2-3 times a week is maybe regular–for you. Not everyone has a bowel movement every day. That may be perfectly normal for you. Don’t try to force having a bowel movement when you don’t NEED to–that will lead to straining, bleeding, and other problems.

    Now–how much fiber are you getting? Go to the drugstore and pick up some Benefiber. It’s powder that stirs into water–or juice–or anything. It does not have any taste at all, and disappears completely. If you have one glass a day, you’ll be regular in no time.

    Try to eat a good balanced diet. Try to use the bathroom every day at the same time. Calm down! That’s another problem–you’re stressing over whether or not you’re regular, and that maybe making you IRREGULAR.

    Do not do a "cleanse". These procedures don’t help and they may actually make your problem worse. You may have a variety of reasons for your stomach and bowel hurting–you may be allergic to foods such as wheat, or dairy products. Try cutting out one food item a week to see if it clears up your problem–and make an apointment with a gastroenterologist to get an endoscopy and colonoscopy. You don’t have to live with constant pain–most conditions are easily taken care of once they are identified.

    Use some common sense when it comes to eating, bathroom use and other things–and don’t try comparing yourself to others. Everyone is different, sometimes VERY different.

    And seek some professional medical advice.

  • joseph.foust

    Apparently you DO "eat bad" or possibly you don’t exercise regularly. "Colon cleansing" is a scam to make money, and is completely unnecessary.

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