Natural remedies/herbs for a sluggish thyroid?

I believe I may have a underactive thyroid. I have many of the symptoms, but I don’t want to go on a synthetic drug and be stuck on it for the rest of my life. Is there anyone here who has tried any natural or herbal remedies for a sluggish thyroid? Did it help? Thank you for any responses.


  • josey

    hi there 🙂

    everyone has given great advice, and the bladderwrack really is the best. i was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, and according to my blood tests, my thyroid level is fine but is on the low end and i have been having hypo symptoms as well. i am genetically wired to have hypothyroid–my mom, grandma and great grandma all have/had it (my ggma died of goiter!), so unless i take some action it will only get worse. yesterday i went to see a naturopath, and she immediately knew i had low thyroid and put me on a bladderwrack/wild lettuce/irish moss tincture, along with some other supplements since the thyroid is involved in hormone production which has been part of my endometriosis problem. they’re all connected.

    i would suggest, if you can afford it, to get your thyroid checked with your regular doctor, and then take those results to a naturopath. most insurance does not cover the naturopath, but it cost me less than $100 to see one (not including the supplements). most are willing to work with you, because they are genuinely concerned about your health. by seeing the naturopath you can make sure you’re getting exactly the amounts you need so you dont cause other problems! i definitely think it is worth it to have the advice and guidance of someone who understands how our bodies work a little better than we do.

    good luck and best of health to you!

  • Erika H

    try a multivitamin with Iodine in it. Iodine is a fuel for the thyroid. It seemed to help me. 🙂

    drink plenty of water and limit refined sugar excesses too

  • Hi April,
    I took iodine tablets which will work if you have a sluggish thyroid…….a word of caution though, don’t over do it, I now, many years later can’t eat any shell fish (becasue of iodine) I believe, but did I lose weight, yes I did, did it stay off, yes….it’s cheap, it is healthy if used appropriately….I used too much, and also used to chase big meals with a gulp of cider vinegar…..sounds weird but it did work. good luck.

  • SayWhat?

    Kelp. There are also lists of foods and supplements to avoid that slow down your thyroid, such as soy or cabbage. Check out:

  • Trish G


  • If is not really bad kelp will help.Meaning if your young and it is a mild case take kelp especially if your hands are cold it will help.

  • janeannpat

    Yes, kelp and iodine will help, but it’s hard to know how much to take. Instead take Bladderwrack. You can find it at most vitamin stores. It’s got just the right amount.

  • I read a book called "How I reversed my Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism" The author did it naturally. He used blue-green algae, acidiphilis, bacilus, garlic, pancreatic digestive enzymes, coenyme Q10, Vitamin E and tried to cut carbs down. At the time the book was published, he was on the road to complete recovery.
    Hope this helps.

  • You don’t need to use a synthetic med to treat an underactive thyroid. You can take a natural med like Armour. I’ve been taking it over 3 years now and for me it is a much better med than the synthetics.

    You could mess around with supplements, but it could make matters worse and seeing an untreated thyroid problem can cause high cholesterol levels and heart problems, why take chances.

    To test for hypothyroidism, its a simple blood test. Make sure to have this test only in the morning and find out the results. The doctor may only order a TSH. If possible, see if a free t4, free t3, and an antibody test can be done too.

    Links below on Armour and testing.

  • alllllsnre

    I started the "synthetic" stuff yesterday.

    It’s made a real difference in 24 hours, amazing, just like throwing back the curtain on a beautiful new day. I thought it must be "placebo effect" but I have lost some weight, after two years on 1500 calories a day and putting it on.

    I would rather have a carefully calibrated and monitored synthetic than a casual hit-or-miss natural!

    Talk to your doctor.

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