natural asthma remedies?

I have asthma but my mom thinks I have somehow tricked my brain into tricking my lungs into causing asthma symptons because i’m imagining them.

For the record I am not-I’m PRETTY SURE I don’t have a good enough imagination to end up tricking my brain and lungs into having an imaginary asthma attack that ended with me leaving class and in the back of an ambulance.

My moms train of thought goes like this ‘since my daughter is imaging asthma symptons that she doesn’t have I wont go pick up her asthma medicine from the pharmacy/schedule appointments with the doctor and she’ll realize its all in her head’

it is NOT in my head. So since my mom has decided to make it impossible for me to get the perscription meds for asthma, does anyone know what weird plant I can buy or what plant I can boil or some natural remeidies/at home remeides that you plant in your yard for asthma? Im on the track team and I really dont want to end up leaving due to my asthma


  • You could consider

    1. Ask your mother to book a total health check for you, to look at your overall wellbeing and health
    2. Check with your GP whether any formal asthma diagnosis is on your medical records, and ask for a medication review. Most practises have an asthma nurse who will monitor meds, and help and demonstrate the correct use of inhalers.
    3. Use a spacer to take your inhalers, ask your asthma nurse about this, it helps.
    4. Go onto BootsWebMD, for specific answers by a medic. You can also subscribe to free emails over a range of chosen subjects, from beauty, wellbeing, nutrition, health matters and nutrition
    5. Asthma medication should never be stopped for any reason suddenly without your GP advice, all in all get it checked out.

  • Princess

    You really should see a doctor for your asthma which sounds like what you have. You can do other options like a health food store. But I would get it check by a doctor first

  • MC2=E

    Sometimes symptoms resembling asthma can be triggered by stress and could be a psychosomatic condition. True Asthma is not a psychosomatic condition. Either way. Tell your mother that you need to have it properly checked out by a qualified medical practitioner.

    Health food stores are not qualified to make a valid diagnosis and seldom stock scientifically proven remedies that are effective for anything.

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