how do I treat thyroid condition in my dog naturally perhaps with essential oils or other natural remedy?

hair loss, lump, weight gain


  • ♥Golden gal♥

    If your dog does have a thyroid condition there are NO oil, or natural remedy on the market to replace the hormones made by the thyroid to help your dog. It need the right type of hormone the thyroid produces in pill form from the vet.

    The medication itself is very inexpensive and it will work wonders for you dog too. Get her into the vets for the right meds and treatment.

  • Jennifer C

    Take your dog to a holistic veternarian… they will help you out.

  • walking lady

    I’m thinking you want natural remedies because your vet told you that the conventional treatments (artificial hormone) decreases your dog’s thyroid gland to shrink and produce even less natural hormones.

    But your dog still needs to be treated by a vet. There are alternative therapies but this is a complex disorder, changes during treatment and your dog needs to be treated by a vet. If you don’t want conventional treatments, find a holistic vet to treat your dog. You can’t do it yourself.

  • leashedforlife

    short answer –
    U cannot.

    a dog who is clinically low on thyroid hormone, needs more
    thyroid hormone – and they don’t sell it over the counter!

    sorry – U need a scrip from the vet, and the dog needs to be on it
    lifelong. also, fiddling it to get the dose right can take a few tries…

    the thyroid is the CHOKE on the body’s running mechanisms.
    the heart, metabolic rate, digestion, absorption, activity, even
    how WELL or ILL or depressed they feel, is all part of the effects
    of thyroid function –

    or in this case, thyroid dys-function. <smile>
    please get the dog the thyroid medication – it is cheap, it is effective,
    and it is very important to regulate the body, physically, emotionally,
    and BEHAVIORALLY – dogs low on thyroid can be chronically or
    now-and-then cranky and aggressive!!

    the sooner it is addressed, the less organ damage will result –
    and joints can be damaged by chronic weight-gain, too.

  • Tammy C

    Goldengal is right.The condition must be treated with thyroid replacement medication.It is very inexpensive and will not hurt the dog at all.In fact,it is essential to the dog’s well-being that you keep her on this medication for the rest of her life.

  • schshe

    Thyroid condition needs to be treated.I don’t know of any oils or natural remedy’s that will work.The thyroid controls the metabolism. Try to find a Holistic Vet.But without med this poor dog will get fat,bald and lazy.Lots of things can happen.If the dog is not treated properly it can hurt the animal.

  • Nekkid Dog ©

    Since thyroid is such a complex problem, this cannot be treated with essential oils.

    The dog needs a vet to determine the proper treatment, and at what dose. Thyroid conditions are an imbalance of hormones secreted by the thyroid. Different medications balance or replace the hormones.

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