How are these cholesterol levels……..?

37-year-old male.
Total cholesterol 194.
Triglycerides 51.
HDL 78.
LDL 106.


  • Sapphire

    They are fine.

    Don’t eat a low cholesterol diet.
    Americans are being saturated with anti-cholesterol propaganda. If you watch very much television, you’re probably one of the millions of Americans who now has a terminal case of cholesterol phobia. The probaganda is relentless and is often designed to produce fear and loathing of this works of all food contaminants. You never hear the food propagandists bragging about their product being fluoride free or aluminum free, two of our truly serious food-addidtive problems. But cholesterol, an essential nutrient not proven to be harmfull in ANY quantity is constantly pilloried as a menance to your health. If you don’t use corn oil, Fleishmann’s margarine and Egg Beaters, you are going straight to atherosclerosis hell with stroke, heart attack and premature aging and so are your kids.

    William Campbell Douglass, MD
    Eat Your Cholesterol

    In Framingham, Massachusetts, the more saturated fat one ate, the more cholesterol one ate, the more calories one ate, the lower people’s serum cholesterol …we bound that the people who ate the most cholesterol, ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories weighed the least and were the most physically active.

    William Castelli, Director The Framingham Study

    For 15 years, an 88 year old Denver man has been consuming 24 soft boiled eggs a day. This particular story made it to the New England Journal of Medicine because a researcher from the University of Colorado wondered how this compulsive cholesterol cuisine might be affecting the man’s health. To his surprose, the scientist found that despite a cholesterol intake close to 6,000 milligrams a day, well above the recommended maximum of 300 milligrams per day, the man had normal blodd cholesterol and showed no signs of heart disease.

    Over the past 13 years , though, there’s been a growing body of evidence that it might be something in our food that is causing blood vessel damage. The suspected ingredient is a modified form of cholesterol called oxidized cholesterol. This is not the kind you find in eggs or other fresh foods. Oxidized cholesterol forms when cholesterol racts with oxygen. This usually occurs when high cholesterol foods are dried, such as in powdered eggs. Oxidized cholesterol also can be found in powdered dairy producs such as powdered milk or powdered cheese and hard meats like peperoni. Powdered milk is added to 1% and 2% milk to give it bulk.

  • they seem pretty good but if you are a perfectionist could bring the total down as it is nearing 200 and the ldl down also as it is over 100. but the hdl looks good.

  • rarhodes001

    Your cholesterol level is right with mine. I’m 23 years old. According to the new guideline, 100 is the best number to have on total cholestrol. But I think that is a bunch of crock! I consider 180 to be normal.

    You are doing well! Whatever you are doing health-wise, keep it up!

  • prncessang228

    optimal level for total cholesterol is less than 200-so your level is good

    triglycerides-optimal is less than 150 so yours is great!!

    LDL-optimal is less than 100, close to optimal is 100-129. so yours is ok

    HDL-high risk is less than 40. low risk is 60 or higher. your level is good

    overall very good readings!!

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