colon cleanse????????????????

i took an epsom salt recipe to clean out my colon and had only two apples and a lot of water today and about 20 minutes after taking it i threw up 2 times. can anyone tell me what i should do or why this is happening? thank you.


  • Natural

    You likely poisoned yourself. Call your doctor or ER and explain what you took to see if you need medical attention.

    Colon cleansing has recently gained popularity to detox and cleanse the system of built-up toxins and intestinal parasites.

    Environmental toxicity and years of eating processed foods eventually results in weight gain and toxic colin build-up. When digestion and elimination decreases, waste accumulates in the colon and toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, polluting organs and tissues. An herbal colon cleanse detox can help, without harming yourself.

    Certain herbs work to help loosen colon contents without upsetting natural fluid balance or mineral content. Bearberry, Plantago psyllium, Marshmallow, and Chinese cinnamon work to promote natural and gentle peristalsis, soften stool matter and support the process of regular toxin and waste removal, while assisting in overall colonic health.

    Dandelion, Fennel and Pelargonium reniforme can help cleanse the system, rejuvenate liver functioning and support the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins. Natural colon cleanse products leave you feeling full of vitality, just as nature intended.

  • Denisedds

    Why would you do such a thing? There is no reason to cleanse your colon.
    Call you closest ER and discuss the situation with them and they will tell you if or when you need to come in or what to do. Good luck. I hope you didn’t really hurt yourself.

  • You are likely to do more harm than good trying to ‘clean out’ your colon. Our bodies are designed to do it themselves. Maintaining a healthy diet (lots of fibre and green leafy vegetables), plenty of water and moderate exercise is the most sensible way to keep everything moving.

  • Atlas

    Did you ever see the Casino Royale movie where James Bond is poisoned and then grabs a salt shaker and pours it into a glass of water to make himself vomit it up? Drinking too much salt water will make you vomit, and the less you’ve eaten to help absorb the salt water, the more likely you will throw up with even less salt.

    Your colon doesn’t need to be "cleansed." You’re just torturing yourself, and will get no positive long-term results. Any weight loss will come right back, and fasting like that can really disrupt your electrolyte balance. Just eat a piece of bread or some crackers to settle your stomach, and take it easy for a while. You’ll be fine in a day. If you want to "cleanse" cut out processed foods, eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables, drink green or red tea, and exercise daily.

  • David

    You probably poisoned yourself for a while with too much salts. Why would you want to cleanse your colon? It does that every day all by itself (well with a little help from you!) Do as answer above advises, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and you will have the bonus of a lovely skin. The water part is good too but you can have too much of that too.

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