What exactly is colon cleansing?

what does it do, does it just give you dihorea or what?
does it just give you dihorea?
What are the effects of it?
Would you recommend?


  • Once in a generation, a natural health treatment becomes so popular that people from all over the world become curious enough to try it. Thankfully, with colon cleansing, there are really no negative side effects that can creep up on someone who is trying it for the first time. But before you swallow that first pill and start your first fast, let’s take a look at what colon cleansing does and why so many people swear by it.

    First of all, a colon cleanse is simply a way to completely clean out your digestive tract from top to bottom. Why is this important? Even with as efficiently as the human body works, sometimes, food particles and bacteria can build up in your intestines, just like how cholesterol can build up in your veins over time. Red meat is the biggest culprit when it comes to leaving behind bits in your colon, but all meats do it to a certain extent or a diet low in fiber can have the same results.

    Most colon cleansers are based around a powerful laxative; much more powerful than you would take to occasionally help you go to the bathroom. A product called psyllium husks is the most popular laxative of choice because it is indigestible by the human body and helps expand and clear out everything as it moves through your system. Other cleansers use more gentle laxatives, but no matter which one you choose, there will be some laxative in your colon cleanser.

    Many popular cleansers also use vitamins, minerals and natural herbal ingredients to assist your body in passing what it needs. Some cleansers are packed with nutrients so that you body doesn’t have to go without when you fast, while others simply contain laxatives.

    No matter which colon cleanser product you choose, it is important to understand exactly what is in the product you’ve chosen before you take it.

  • Health&Nutrition

    A colon cleanser is a product that goes and flush out about 4-15lbs of toxic sludge that is cake onto your large intestine. These toxin contaminate your body, slowing down your metabolism, how your body fight off infection and how your body absorbs nutrient from food.

    Everybody should have a minimum of one colon cleanser once a year. For guys this can become cancerous (Colon Cancer) if we don’t flush out these toxin.

    Most colon cleanser out there don’t work. A good colon cleanser will not give you diahria. It’s a regular bowel movement. This is a good start for someone who wants to become healthier or lose weight.

    The one products that I trust and most effective that I recommend to people, friends and family is a product called the RESET. It’s a 5 Day program that is a high fiber meal replacement cleanse. It’s the most natural, safe and effective because it contains alot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The colon cleanse will not make you hungry, fatique or dehydrate.

    The information can be founded here.
    http://kvang.usana.com Click on the Red Reset Circle to read about this product.

    I strongly recommend this product and having at least one colon cleanse once a year.

    I hope this answered your questions.

  • Steve H

    colon cleansing is the process of cleaning out your colon, which is crucial if you are at a higher risk of developing colon cancer due to family history. There really aren’t major effects, if any at all. If you do decide to use it, use it sparingly.

  • ok a colon cleanse is exactly what it sounds like cleansing of the colon, meaning cleaning it out. You are not suppose to get dihorea from this, if you do then somethings wrong or your body may be reacting bad with it, if that happens i would stop doing it. effects of it consist of some "bathroom visits" a little more then normal at first but this will regulate. if it does not regulate stop doing the cleanse because you can loose too much nutrients if you go the the bathroom too much. But if it works correctly you will push out everything that has been built up in your colon which leads to weight loss and less bloating if any bloating. some people use this for weight loss and some use it for colon health. i would recommend All Natural Body Flush just for the fact that i have experience with it and its done good with me. but i would ask a doctor before trying or buying anything. if you want to read up more on this you can go here http://www.bodyflush.webs.com if you do decide to try one just take it as directed and be careful on which ones you choose. i hope this helps you out and good luck.

  • Colon cleansing is a process that involves flushing out and getting rid of all the toxins and chemicals that has been residing in your colon and body system for a long time. It is the first step towards an overall healthy you. If your colon is congested due to the toxins and compacted materials, the other parts of your body cannot function very well. There are natural ways of cleansing and there are also a lot of alternative methods that you can adopt. These procedures are useful and effective in flushing out all the unwanted wastes from your intestines.

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