What are some good natural remedies books and websites?

I want to find websites, books and message boards on how to cure certain health problems using natural methods. List as much as you can find. Thanks


  • HerbGirl44

    From an herbal perspective, here’s a few books I rely on for simple (and complex) remedies for pretty much most ailments.

    David Hoffmann "The complete illustrated Holistic Herbal" Gives info on each herb, how to make decoctions, salves etc. But the best is the illness section: He gives formulas for specific conditions. A very well-respected herbalist in his field.

    Anything by Rosemary Gladstar (one of the founders of modern western herbalism). You may be interested in "Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal: A Guide to Living Life with Energy" also has herbal info but it’s really about remedies/formulas for everyday stuff that comes up.

    The Family Herbal by Barbara and Peter Theiss.

    The only message board I can think of is…
    But not sure how ‘natural’ it is for you

    Some sites. I don’t really use these but they were in my files.

    2 good magazines you can get at any big bookstore but here’s the sites. They may have some stuff

  • You can search on Barnes & Noble for Alternative Medicine. There are hundreds of books on Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine at book stores. You can also Google Naturopathy Forums and Online Communities.

  • Look_Listen_and_Apply

    Go to

    and watch the video. It’s an interview with Dr. James F. Balch, M.D.
    he has really good information on natural remedies.

  • Louise L

    I suggest you get the books Australian Bush Flower Essences and "Australian Bush Flower Healing" by Ian White
    ISBN-10: 073380
    Yahoo email group discussing Australian Bush Flower Essences

    It uses no drugs or herbs and can do wonderful things.

    I know of no other health system that does so much with so little side effects

  • realgranola

    Dr. Mercola’s website is the best ! I don’t know the website offhand but just do a search.

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