How to lower my cholesterol?

I have really high cholesterol (280) it’s part hereditary and also because I used to eat very unhealthy as a child. I am 18 years old and on Crestor to lower my cholesterol. I am trying to eat more healthy but is there something you can eat to lower cholesterol? I’ve heard of oatmeal but that’s about it.
I am exercising almost everyday for 25-30 minutes so hopefully that helps too!



    To reduce cholesterol is one of your greatest health challenges.
    The most important endeavor in your effort to reduce cholesterol, is to find out what’s causing the high cholesterol.

    As your cholesterol is partly hereditary you must focus on medical treatment beside working on lifestyle.

    Besides, take foods like almonds, soy proteins, viscous fibre (high-fibre) foods such as oats and barley, the special margarine with plant sterols, fruit, soy deli slices, tofu bake with eggplant, onions and sweet peppers and vegetables.

    If you are over weight then loose weight.Get your heart pumping harder through exercise because this improves the good cholesterol and lowers the bad cholesterol.

    CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR AND DIETICIAN about lowering cholesterol.

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  • Judi L

    Eating low-cholesterol foods will help. Avoid all animal fats, including butter and whole milk and cream. Eat lean meat. There are some products, such as Benecol spread, that are supposed to lower cholesterol.
    Exercise is key; so keep doing it.

  • the giggle gang

    Try staying away from salty foods. Say good-bye to pretzels! If you eat them…

  • Harvey T

    The solution is turmeric, that yellow spice you add to rice when you want to give it color.

    Studies show that turmeric can have a dramatic effect on cholesterol levers. In one study, patients with high cholesterol who took turmeric saw their cholesterol plummet by 29 percent

  • Read books by Dean Ornish, M.D. . He did some case studies and proved that he can reverse cardiovascular damage by eating a zero cholesterol diet high in different legumes. The main book to read is titled "Eat More Weigh Less". The guy is a genius. The plan is factual and inspirational. Aside from telling the facts of how it works there are many recipes that fit the plan that were submitted to him by world famous chefs too.

  • 1 cup of boiled red-yeast rice, 1 glass of oo-long or dark black tea, beans and oat meal.

    (tumeric maybe boost blood pressure very high)

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