Colon Therapy?

I was reading an article about Rhuematoid Arthritis and part of it said that Colon Therapy would be benificial….does anyone know what that is or how it is done?


  • janet_harkness2000

    colonic hydrotherapy sounds a lot scarier than it is . Basically your colon (about 8-9ft) is flushed out …meaning mucus build-up/sludge stuff from all the unnatural processed foods we consume (think of the build up throughout the years EXAMPLE: during one of my colonics I saw watermelon seeds (u can view what exits your body through glass tubes on machine …sounds gross but its not I promise…I had not eaten watermelon in over 3 months!!!!! The process is not painful mild discomfort for about 15sec if your shy you may get embarassed in the beginning. The process promotes good bacteriia growth in your colon (part that affects diseases/over-all-health and it strengthens your colon also) There are so many great things about it.. people would rather take perscriptions the rest of their life instead of get to the root of the problem! How I got interested/info on colon therapy:
    BOOKS: Tissue cleansing through bowel Management by: Bernard Jensen and Detox for Life by: Loree Taylor Jordan

  • skyehigh

    Drink at least a gallon of water every day and eat fruit for breakfast every day, and you should never have any problems. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the fibre.

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