what are some all-natural ways to help cure a cold.???

im not talking somthing that numbs the body, but something that is fairly natural, that speeds up recovery time.

dont answer if you dont know any way


  • robertapdixon

    There are eight natural remedies for Good Health these are:

    (1)Positive Thinking/thoughts/attitude includes prayer, faith in God, Good, close relationships with yourself and others, LOVE, having a purpose etc.

    (2)Pure, clean, fresh air- Daily

    (3)Hydration with healthy fluids e.g. Plenty of pure water, herbal teas- avoiding fizzy drinks, caffeine, tea, alcohol etc

    (4)Proper diet and Nutrition- Healthy, balanced diet and herbs- includes avoiding junk food such as sugar and fatty foods that lower our immune system and eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables includes supplements e.g. zinc, vitamin C and Herbal remedies such as Echineacea

    (5)Sufficient light or sunlight

    (6)Moderate and Regular exercise- try it daily- releases endorphins and boosts the immune system aswell as lowering stress and anxiety levels.

    (7)Proper rest and Relaxation- Leisure time- time to oneself. Good night’s sleep- up to 8 hours a night- boosts our immune system- lack of sleep disturbs our immune system leaving us prone to infection. Rest doesnt mean sleep during the day it can include afternoon naps but usually means time away from the computer, just sit there in silence and stuff.

    (8)Self-control, Temperance, Abstinence, Healthy Habits- Everything Good in moderation and avoiding the bad its all about balance of the good in life and avoiding the bad e.g. smoking, drugs, moderation of alcohol or avoidance and so on. Dont sit at the computer for too long, get out of the house more, socialise etc.

    Other natural remedies for colds include nutritional supplements such as zinc lozenges, vitamin C, overall multivitamin- dont take too many, and take with water and with food- not on an empty stomach, take one remedy at a time. take herbal remedies if you want, just dont mix and match, see if one thing works and if it doesnt try another, dont take many things otherwise you will get ill even more.

    Complementary therapies such as Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda and so on also boost our immune system and could help with colds, go to see a massage therapist, or reflexologist, go to see a naturopath who can go through a natural health consultation with you.

    Hope this helps, and you get well soon,


  • Chicken noodle soup.

  • jordan101angel

    fruits veggies and exorsize

  • ~!*Shorty*!~

    crown royal and honey works great =]

  • Hippy Chicken™

    My very, very, very effective medicine is to keep a cheerful, positive, attitude. Be optimistic!

  • Weatherman

    Honey disolved in lemon juice and hot water.

    The honey acts as an antiseptic, the vitamin C in the lemon juice boosts the immune system

  • eastbaywhatsername

    Vitamin C is excellent for speeding up healing in cold cures. Also, try Airborne. It’s an OTC medicine made of all-natural ingredients. It is a really big help.

    Get feeling better!

  • A good modern way is to sweat it out. Have some Lemsips or Beechams with boiling hot water, then you’ll sweat it out.


  • frank s

    vitamins and liquid are about the only thing you can do to help. colds are caused by either of two viruses, Rhinovirus and coronavirus. there is nothing you can do like in the case of bacteria. you just have to let the body heal itself. rest is best.

  • rozie

    Juice half of a fresh lemon and mix with a teaspoon of honey in hot water. This helps ease a sore throat as well as providing vitamin C to help fight cold symptoms.

  • slash

    Hello i use to live in village when i was small my grand parents use to give me hot water with honey and lemon or ginger with hot water since there wasn’t hopital near by and the best of all is medium hot water with salt and do garggling with it. Salt works against bacteria.

    Hope it did help

  • Ichigo

    Anything with Vitamin C can help colds…
    Fruit juices, Orange juice and so on…so keep your diet high in that for the next couple of days..

    Green and Red peppers are known to help colds.
    Cantolope helps…

    If your around others who are sick try adding some garlic to your diet…

    Chicken noodle soup is perfect for loosening mucus up so if your nose is stuffed up in can help or if you have mucus in your throat it can help as well..

    Finally dont cut back on your sleep make sure your getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep or more if you feel you need it. dont hesistate.

    Also drink Green tea and stay warm inside your home.

    Avoid junk food, try eatting more healthy Why? because that way you’ll get more vitamins into your body so look into getting some vegitables and fruits

  • Michelle L

    Heated whiskey and sugar in a pan maybe 2 or 3 shots squeeze some lemon in and that helps the throat and some of the body pain.

  • Preston S

    Since colds are caused by about 200 different viruses, the only way to cure it, natural or unnatural, is to let your body fight the infection. The best natural ways to boost your immunity are to take lots of vitamin C- supplemental tablets are good, so is Emergen-C drink mix. Garlic and onions are also really good, especially in hot broth, so that old adage about chicken soup isn’t just an old wives’ tale. Cayenne pepper is good to fend off the beginnings of a cold, but it probably works just as well at the height of infection. Get plenty of fluids, and most importantly, lots of sleep to give your body a chance to concentrate on fighting off the infection. Get well soon!

  • gamerathon

    There’s no "cure" for a cold as i stands, because the darned things are rhinoviruses. Virsues have several protein coats that act almost like armor and are hard to penetrate. By the time most paths of attack can make a dent and lessen the symptoms, the cold is almost over anyway. There are no magic pills.
    However, both zinc and vitamin C have been proven to boost the immune system SLIGHTLY, giving the body a fighting edge. That’s why Zicam is useful: when sprayed in the nose, if taken early enough, it interferes with the physical reproduction of the viruses and thereby shortens/lessens the process. Antihistamines are also
    useful because they dry you out a bit while making you relax.
    Other than that, the conventional wisdom about hot chicken soup is valid in that it offers nutrition and heat, but it confers no magical powers. You simply have to darned well respect a cold or the flu and GO TO BED. If you try to tough it out, drink soup, take pills and keep steaming around, you’re making your body fight on 2 fronts, so it will often last LONGER and make you feel worse for an extended period as you infect others. So when you feel one coming on, take some zinc and C, eat something extra-nutritious like a veggie soup and REST. That’s as close to a "cure" as you can come.

  • SayWhat?

    Get plenty of sleep, use a humidfier in your room and GARGLE WITH WARM SALT WATER every night before you go to bed.

    Another key point is to avoid sweet or sugary foods and dairy products until you’re cleared up. They both contribute greatly to your mucus supply. This is what I’ve been doing all my life when I start to feel one coming on. I am rarely sick, and not for very long when I am.

  • tcmrose l

    Chinese medicine has unique views of cold,


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