I am looking for people who have gone/graduated from Clayton College Of Natural Health, how was it?

i know they have online studies, and I am thinking about going for it, but first I wanted some "testimonials" from peopel who hav actually taken their studies/courses, and also those who have graduated from there, to see if it has been of benefit to you, please serious answers only, Thanks so much


  • Listentonature

    I am enrolled in CCNH Bachelor of Natural Health degree program.

    If you are looking for a college that will give you a credible "practice medicine" degree where you can use your degree and knowledge in a doctor-patient atmosphere, then this is not the college for you. You need to go to a medical college for that.

    If you are looking to learn about natural health and use that knowledge for your own purpose or to help others in a teacher-client atmosphere then it is definitely worth considering. I have learned quite a bit from the course, I am almost half way through. Once I finish this degree I will continue onto the Doctor of Naturopathy degree.

    I work at a vitamin store so for me it has improved my ability to answer customer questions. I enrolled in CCNH to learn about natural health and healing for my own health, not to specifically use the degree in the future.

    Best of luck in whatever you decide!

  • Doctor J

    Is this ‘college’ Accredited?????? If not, I would pass on it.

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