Colon Cleansing myself, Have questions.?

got a product and consulted with a health person that they work for cleansing purposes, but does cleaning out your colon work? And how long does it take with pills to do it? How can you tell if it is working? and does it make you smell, I mean it makes since if it is getting the toxins out of your body that it would make you smell more….But will it really help me loose weight? and will you continue to loose weight after you stop taking it with your body cleaner? just any knowledge on colon cleansing will help. I can’t afford the kind of colon cleanse from a doctor, so this is my only option by the way.
these are natural pills, not laxatives…And I work a lot and have a toddler so not eating isn’t an option because I need to be alert and I can’t be walking around spacey all day.


  • Homer J Marley

    Colon Cleansing does not help you lose weight.

    You want to get rid of FAT, right? Colon cleansing helps get rid of impacted crap in your colon.

    The proper way to do a cleanse is to FAST, keeping your food intake down to water, fiber drinks and broth soups. After about 3 days of fasting and your body no longer has food to digest THEN it will start to detoxify…

    A 7 day fast\cleanse is ideal. The only problem is that u CANNOT properly do this while u are in school or working. Usually at the 3 day mark you will become extremely tired and quite possibly you will start to break out in zits as the toxins leave your body…

  • birdie

    There is no reason to use a laxative unless you are constipated. You can tell is its working when youre having many loose bowel movements and you are completely "cleansed"when you start "pooping" clear liquid…thats how colonoscopy prep works. If you consider fecal matter a "toxin" then you will be eliminating this til you begin to eat again. You will lose the weight of your fecal matter. The way to lose fat is by eating less calories than you burn. The whole "colon cleasing " craze is really silly IMO and a bit gross.

  • herby

    There’s a lot of waste in our bodies that don’t come out the way it should, so colon cleaning helps to eliminate the waste that stays behind. Of course you are going to loss weight, but you need to refuel with fruits and veggies and exercise.Exercise is so good for your over all health. Take the product as i states on the label. Drink plenty of water.

  • Sandra

    COLON CLEANSING IS BULL****! A more polite term is QUACKERY.

    To put it another way, your colon does not need any cleansing, and your long-suffering system takes care of any toxins in your body, generally by excreting them through the kidneys, after the liver metabolizes them into something less toxic.

    It is no more a way of losing weight than any other interference in your system, such as bulimia.

    Any advertisement you have seen on the Web is fraud. I kill this type of SPAM on this site several times a day.

    If you are constipated, change your diet.

  • Joshua

    Proponents of colon cleansing believe that toxins from your gastrointestinal tract can cause a variety of health problems, such as arthritis, allergies and asthma. They say that colon cleansing — also called colonic irrigation — removes these toxins, thus promoting healthy intestinal bacteria, boosting your energy and enhancing your immune system.

    While there is little scientific evidence to support or refute the benefits of colon cleansing, critics say it’s generally unnecessary and at times may even be harmful. Although doctors prescribe colon cleansing as preparation for medical procedures such as colonoscopy, most don’t recommend it for detoxification. Their reasoning is simple: The digestive system and bowel naturally eliminate waste material and bacteria — your body doesn’t need enemas or special diets or pills to do this.

    One concern with colon cleansing is that it can increase your risk of dehydration. A potentially more serious concern is that certain laxatives used in colon cleansing, such as those with sodium phosphate, can cause a rise in your electrolytes, which can be dangerous if you have kidney disease or heart disease.

    If you choose to do colon cleansing, be sure to take these simple precautions:

    * Check with your conventional medical providers first, especially if you take any medications or have any health problems.
    * Make sure your colon-cleansing practitioner uses disposable equipment that hasn’t been previously used.
    * Get a list of specific herbal ingredients and amounts in any colon-cleansing products you use — some herbal supplements can cause health problems.
    * Beware of broad or inflated claims that colon cleansing will cure an illness or improve your health.
    * Stay well hydrated by drinking lots of fluids while undergoing colon cleansing to prevent dehydration.

    If you are considering colon cleansing because of constipation, consider trying these steps first to relieve constipation:

    * Drink plenty of fluids, including water
    * Eat a diet rich in fiber
    * Get regular exercise

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