Anyone have a thyroid disorder?

I think i might have a thyroid condition,..but im still unclear as to what it really is. I already went to web md. Is this a sever disease?


  • Nurse Brandi

    Yes, having a thyroid condition is very serious as the thyroid controls so many things you’re probably not aware of. Along with that, you’ll just feel awful. There is hypothyroidism (where the thyroid is sluggish, not working well), you will usually gain weight, become hungrier than normal, be sleepy..these are just a few symptoms. Sometimes, but not always…these patients will have what is called a goiter in their neck. Looks like a growth there and you can actually feel it. Shouldn’t be painful and it’s right in the center. Then there is hyperthyroidism (where the thyroid is overactive), sometimes called Graves disease. A lot of these patients will have what is called exopthalmus where the eyes look like they are protruding out of the head. For hyperthyroidism, there really is no magic pill. They will have you drink a radioactive solution to basically ‘kill’ the thyroid. If that doesn’t work, they will surgically remove it. You can have your blood tested to see how your thyroid is functioning at your doc’s office – it’s called a TSH. Good luck!

  • SqUiShY0617

    Well i know my mother had her thyroid removed a long time a go. they used a radiation pill for it. It can be severe if left untreated. My mother gaines massive wait due to her thyroid. You should really go to an endocrinologist and get it checked on because if you do have a thyroid condition you would want to catch it in advance as opposed to procrastinating and it end up really bad.

    Best Wishes!!!


  • Darksuns

    Depends on what you mean by "condition." If you have severe hyper or hypo thyroidism, then yes, it’s serious. Your thyroid regulates just about all of your body’s systems. If it’s working to much, everything is sped up from your metabolism to your heartrate. The opposite is true for hypothyroidism. I have multinodular goiter and "sub-clinical hyperthyroidism." Which means I have nodes or lumps on my thyroid and hyperthyroidism in such a small amount that they can’t do anything about it. In a couple of weeks they’re taking out a portion of my thyroid……So if you think you have symptoms of a thyroid disorder, go see a doc. The only way to diagnose it is through bloodwork. Good Luck!:)

  • rojo_jojo

    You can develop Thyroid Cancer. You need to see a doctor immediately and have tests run. Research what the test results should be and when the doctor gets the results, ask for the numbers.

  • I have a thyroid disorder and i take medication for it. It is only dangerous if you have the disorder that makes your heart beat too fast. So go to your doctor and get a blood test.

  • ♥Cutie-pie♥

    Any disease is a serious one. However, thyroid disease is very common and can be treated as needed for your benefits.
    I wouldn’t really call it a life threatening disease, but it does need to be treated!
    Usually doctor’s will give you medicine (normally taken as a pill) to control the overactive/ underactive thyroid.

    OVERactive thyroid symptoms:
    * mood swings, feeling nervous, irritable, or emotions,
    * tremors (shakiness) ,
    *poor sleep, intolerance of heat more than everyone else is,
    * losing weight despite a healthy appetite,
    *tired, weak muscles,
    *increased heart rate, palpitations, frequent bowel movements. etc. etc.
    UNDERactive thyroid symptoms:
    * feeling tired and sleeping excessively
    * easily feeling the cold
    * dry and thickened skin
    * coarse, thinning hair and eyebrows and brittle nails
    * sore muscles, slow movements and weakness
    * depression and problems with memory and concentration
    * weight gain
    * constipation
    * fertility problems and increased risk of miscarriage
    * heavy, irregular or prolonged menstrual periods

    *** YOU MAY NOT EXPERIENCE ALL OF THE ABOVE SYMPTOMS, however, it is common to experience 2 or more in one of the two categories of thyroid symptoms.
    I have overactive thyroid, and I have received the medical help I needed. You should contact your physician immediately and have a blood test called (TSH) to see if you may be a patient suffering from thyroid ‘s disease.
    ps.. Along with Overactive thyroid, graves disease is also common!
    Tell your doctor of any symptoms you are feeling also.

  • TweetyBird

    You THINK you might??? Get diagnosed first, ask questions after.

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