Thyroid gland?

could anything withur thyroid glandkill you at all how do u kno ifts its nromal ANSWER ASPA~


  • CutThroat

    You know if your thyroid is functioning correctly from a thyroid panel that is ordered by your doctor. It’s a series of blood tests that check the levels of your T3, T3, TSH, thyroglobulin, and other thyroid related "things."

    If your thyroid is making too much or too little thyroid hormone (what T3 and T4 are collectively called), then is can cause damage to your entire body over a long period of time. A thyroid condition left untreated could cause death, but only after many, many years.

    A good place to learn more about how the thyroid works and diseases of the thyroid is:

  • MichiganGirl

    It could kill you if your thyroid hormones are too high or too low for a long period of time. You should be able to tell if either is the case by the symptoms it causes. Here’s the symptoms for hyperthyroidism (overactive throid):
    Here’s the symptoms for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid):

  • sexylilmumma

    If you leave a thyriod disease/cancer untreated it can and will eventually kill you. So, yes you can die from diseases of the thyroid. Thyroid cancer itself has a good survival rate if treated.
    The only way to find out if your hormone levels are normal would be through a blood test. Your doctor will test your TSH, free T4 and Thyroglobulin count. If they are too high, this often says there is a problem with Hyperthyoidism. Which could be brought on auto-immunely or by Graves disease. If the levels are too low, this too can be auto-immune also known as Hashimotos disease.

    However, if you have an enlarged thyroid( Goiter) and your levels are normal they will do futher testing. Ultrasounds, Thyroid uptake scan and maybe a CT Scan depending on the results.

    I’ve added a link for you to do research about the thyroid and it’s diseases

    Best of luck to you….

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