thyroid conditions – eating disorder?

when you have an eating disorder, like belimia, and you have a thyroid problem, is there a way to fix it? like i understand that when you have been belimic for a long time, that your thyroid can slow your metabolism down. but does this mean if you start to eat normally, will you gain alot of weight?


  • Your doctor has to diagnose you first and foremost.

    Hypothyroidism and bulimia are conditions that usually need to be treated differently. Hypothyroidism is usually treated with the medication Synthroid.

    Just because you eat normally doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll gain a lot of weight.

    No one can really tell you the specifics here.

  • SweetCocoaAngel

    I think there is medication you can take. i think.

  • Shelly P. Tofu, E.M.T.

    low thyroid levels are treated with synthroid

    Bulimia is treated with therapy, and sometimes anti-depressants

  • Katie M

    Hyperthyroidism can be triggered and made worse by bulimia.

    Are you bulimic? because you seem to ask alot of questions about it.

    Bulimia is never the answer. It is something that kills people.

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