natural remedies for teething babies!!?

is diluted clove oil safe to use? and what carrier oil is best?
any other suggestions? she’s only 7 weeks old, so i think most remedies are just not gentle enough for one that young.


  • Al-Andalus cαtღ♡قطة ألإندلس ❀

    A doctor has said that clove oil should NOT be used on babies and small children and should not be used by pregnant ladies:

    I agree with hitchboy…..chamomile in particular. You can buy the homeopathic chamomile teething granules from health shops or you can just give your baby cooled chamomile tea on a spoon or in a bottle. Fennel tea could be given as an alternative, especially where accompanied by colic…but chamomile tea can also help with colic too, though fennel is more widely used for colic and chamomile tea is more widely used for teething. I would just use the one depending on what is dominant: teething or colic. In your case chamomile. But if a baby had both, both herbs could be used but at separate times.

    For older babies (6 months onwards) you could let them chew on a stick of licorice root or marshmallow root supervised only… in addition to giving chamomile tea or granules.

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    Seven weeks is pretty young for teething but not unheard of. If you are nursing the breast milk should help also.

    Best wishes.

  • hitchboy20002000

    Hi there.
    Chamomile tea in a bottle, cooled is very settling to teething bubs and helps to settle the tum as well. Let the chew on a piece of marshmallow root, be sure that it is a big enough piece to prevent any choking hazard. This will act as a mild numbing effect for them and soothes inflammation..very safe I have used for many clients and my own kids!
    Craig Hitchens – naturopath

  • pelops_dl

    Why not those teething rings that use ice? Worked great for me when I was that age. Ice is a natural anesthetic.

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